10 Patriotic New Year's Celebration Ideas for Americans

10 Patriotic New Year's Celebration Ideas for Americans

*Clink* goes your glasses! It’s time to ring in the New Year!

In America, New Year’s Eve is a time for celebrating late into the night and early into the next morning. How do Americans celebrate New Year's? They get loud and rowdy, banging on pots, shooting off fireworks, and taking swigs of their favorite drinks. Get ready to party, America. We’re here to share some of the best New Year's celebration ideas!

Even better than simply celebrating 2022, let’s celebrate patriotism as the ball drops this year. Tip back those New Year's shots and ring in 2022 with these patriotic New Year's celebrations!


Patriotic New Year's Celebrations 

Fireworks Show

Surely, there will be a fireworks show somewhere near you on New Year’s Eve. If not, shoot off your own fireworks! As long as you have a safe and open space, what’s stopping you from turning your New Year’s Even into a Fourth of July party? 

Fireworks on New Year’s Eve are an American tradition. Booms and bangs are a popular way to ring in the new year. Light your sparklers and get ready to “ooo” and “ahh” at the bright, sparkling lights booming in the sky at midnight.


Another patriotic way to celebrate New Year's is watching a parade! Check if there are any parades near you on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Parades are popular events on this holiday in America. Many of them are themed, which makes them even more fun! Don’t forget your themed costumes when you attend!

Red, White, Blue, and Gold Decorations

Are you throwing a New Year's party this year? Theme your party “Patriotism” and decorate with red, white, blue, and gold. Think red, white, and blue streamers, balloons, sparklers, and masks for your guests. Top it all off with gold, sparkling confetti and popped bottles of champagne!

America New Year's Shot Glasses

Check out our selection of American 12 gauge shot glasses for your New Year’s party. Decked out in an American flag, these New Year's shot glasses are the perfect way to ring in 2022. Fill these 12-gauge shells with your favorite drink and cheers to a brand-new year! There’s nothing more American than taking New Year's shots out of a 12-gauge shell!

Homemade Cocktails in American Glasses

Try your hand at mixing cocktails! Gather all of the ingredients for your favorite mixed drinks and get crafty. This will be a fun activity for the night! Even better, pour those freshly made cocktails into our patriotic glassware for a pretty display. Our American flag whiskey glasses are perfect for your New Year's cocktails.

Patriotic Board Games

Board games are a fun way to celebrate the new year! Play games and drink champagne till midnight. Here are some great patriotic board game options. Try the Constitution Quest Board Game, USA trivia, Democracy, or the Presidential Board Game.

Las Vegas

If you want to get wild this year, hop on a plane to Las Vegas! Outside on The Strip, the street is shut down for a giant street party. Hop right into the center of the action and join in on Las Vegas’ New Year's celebrations. There are endless concerts, live entertainment, restaurants, bars, and casinos to choose from. At midnight, check out the fireworks display put together by the casinos. Some say it’s the most spectacular show in the world!

Times Square Ball Drop

New York City is another great place in America to celebrate New Year's. Watch the ball drop in person instead of through the tv screen! Times Square is a lively and merry place to be on New Year’s Eve. Enjoy the loudest and most crowded sixty-second countdown of your life!

Patriotic Bar Crawl

Many cities have themed New Year's bar crawls for all the partiers to join. If you can’t find a patriotic themed party, start your own! Message all of your friends the bar schedule and require patriotic costumes for a lively night to remember (or not). Make sure you travel safely!

Kiss at Midnight Tradition

This list wouldn’t be complete without this classic American tradition. Grab your honey, or a complete stranger and share a kiss this New Year’s Eve! Just watch out for germs, and you know, COVID-19. 

Have a safe and wonderful New Year's celebration!

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