Gifts for First Responders

Gifts for First Responders

What are good gifts for first responders?

First responders are always working hard to keep us safe. They are the first ones on the scene at traumatic events and disasters. Police officers, firefighters, paramedics, doctors, nurses, and EMTs are here to protect us even on the holidays and even during important family events.

Since they are always here for us, it’s always a good time to thank our first responders for their hard work and protection. To honor our first responders, we’ve gathered a list of appreciation gifts for first responders.

No matter the occasion or situation, whether it’s Christmas, National First Responder’s Day, a local police officer’s birthday, or the day after a firefighter saved your life, there is always something that can be done to thank your heroes.

Here’s how to thank first responders for risking their lives to save ours! 

Gifts for First Responders

Cook a Meal

First responders lead busy lives, so cooking them a delicious, healthy homemade meal could easily make their entire week! If they’re often having to rush out of the door to get to a scene quickly, they probably don’t have a ton of extra time to cook and bake. First responders will appreciate a pre-made meal any time!

Handwritten Letter

Handwritten letters are sentimental, sweet, and close to the heart. Consider writing a letter to a first responder if they’ve done something personal or heroic for you. It’s not uncommon for first responders to save lives! Thank them for it by writing a tear-inducing letter of appreciation. It would mean a lot to them to hear how their work positively affected others’ lives.

Funny Heroic T-Shirt

Search for good-humored heroic t-shirts to give to your first responder. For example, give them a shirt that defines who they are, like a badass or a superhero. If the first responder you’re buying for has a goofy sense of humor, there are endless examples of personalized t-shirts out there. Be the reason a first responder chuckles! 

American Flag Tumbler

Stainless steel tumblers are great gifts for anyone on the go. Stainless steel material is durable and long-lasting. Plus, reusable tumblers are a great alternative to single-use water bottles that have to be recycled or tossed into a landfill. 

Honor your first responder by gifting them this American flag tumbler. This travel mug is perfect because it’s sweatproof, it fits in cup holders, and it keeps drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours!

Personalized Dog Tag

Get personal with a personalized dog tag for your first responder. Dog tags are commonly worn by active-duty soldiers, proud American veterans, and first responders with a sense of pride for their country and service. 

Personalize a dog tag to display the name of your first responder and a sweet quote to remind them of their “why” for serving the people.

Donate to a Good Cause

Find a charity or organization that your first responder admires. A thoughtful donation to a cause they care about might be the best gift of them all. An example could be for your local pediatric oncology nurse; donate to an organization that supports kids with cancer!

Gift Ideas for Police Officers

Funny Police Officer Mug

Police officers love coffee, right? Can you think of any better gift ideas for police officers other than ones that have to do with a hot cup of joe? Gift your local police officer a funny mug that they’ll appreciate every time they take a sip. The funnier the better because a laugh can be much needed on tough days as a first responder. 

Thin Blue Line Glass, Tumbler, or Shot Glass

Support your local police officer by displaying the thin blue line. The thin blue line is a classic symbol that supports keeping your police safe as they keep the city safe. Check out our collection of thin blue line glassware for your local police officer.

We have thin blue line whiskey glasses for the whiskey lover, pint glasses for the beer enthusiast, shot glasses for the shot taker, and tumblers for everyone else!

Gift Ideas for Firefighters

BBQ Gift Basket

A classic barbecue gift basket is an awesome gift for firefighters! After a tough day on the job, what’s better than coming home to grilled brats, potato chips, and tasty BBQ sauce? Consider a BBQ gift basket as a summertime gift for your first responder.

Funny Tactical Firefighter Socks

The best gift ideas for firefighters are the ones that are both useful and make you laugh. Firefighters have to wear breathable tactical socks to keep their feet dry and protected in harsh environments. Consider gifting your local firefighter funny tactical socks to brighten their day!

Now that you know how to thank first responders, get out there and show your appreciation!

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