Great Graduation Gifts For Men Starts With ‘Merica And Ends With Whiskey

Great Graduation Gifts For Men Starts With ‘Merica And Ends With Whiskey

As winter gives way to spring and spring to summer, a new generation of men will emerge from the halls of academia and ready to take their place on the world’s stage. Granted, some of those men will graduate from places like Berkely and Harvard where they will promptly return to their parent’s basement and begin crying about how unfair the world is. However, another group of men will take what they have learned and start to forge their own path, circumstances be damned. Here at Old Southern Brass, we make gifts that are perfect to honor the achievements of the latter class of men, if you could call that first class men at all. As graduation season approaches in 2023, we want to take a minute and suggest a few gifts that you can give that loved one ready to take on the world. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

College Graduation Gifts For The Young Man Who Wants To Be A Man

As we mentioned earlier, our graduation gifts are not for every man. The snowflake studies major out of Berkley would likely cry to the police if you gifted him one of our amazing products which, now that we think about it, is all the more reason to give him one. Our products are for men who genuinely want to take their place in the world of men and are perfect for graduation from college, trade school, or even military boot camp.

We’d say highschool too, but let the young bucks get some hair on their chin before we start giving them fine whiskey. But lest we leave those young men out, we do have some pretty awesome 50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Openers that open a bottle of soda just as easily as a bottle of beer.

However, for the recent college grad, we’re going to recommend a single or set of our finest bullet whiskey glasses. The kid may have been chugging bottom shelf whiskey out of red solo cups in college, but we’re going to need that young man to start drinking like an adult now.

These glasses can be customized to any patriotic theming you wish and if you don’t see something you need, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Why Patriotic Themes On Bullet Glassware?

If you haven’t noticed by now, the team here at Old Southern Brass is unapologetically patriotic. We could make a glass with a snowflake on it, but if we did it would be just to mock the snowflakes that cry over our products. This nation is going to be facing some tough times in the years ahead and we will need men and women who love this country to lead us through those challenging times.

As such, we’re not going to apologize for our love of the 2nd Amendment. We’re going to put a bullet in that whiskey glass and etch the words, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Heck, we might even create a glass that just says “pew, pew, pew.”

We will celebrate the Declaration of Independence and we will honor the Constitution of the United States on everything that we do. We understand that we’re not a perfect country and we may not have always gotten everything right in the past. However, we are also a nation that self corrects. We don’t need some foreign army to march in and show us what is right. We do that ourselves and we continue to progress as a nation and a people in that direction. No apologies given for our love of this nation.

Set The Tone For Class With a Graduation Gift That Will Impress Any Patriot

Now, considering you or your kid may have just spent $40,000 a year on a degree, you might as well kick up the graduation gift a notch if you’ve got the budget. For a classier graduation gift, we’d recommend one of our patriotic themed Whiskey Decanter and Glass Sets. You can get the same patriotic messaging on a fine decanter that will truly usher in a classier age of whiskey drinking for the new graduate.

We also have Decanter Sets themed with military service branches and those make a perfect gift for military boot camp graduation. Yes, we know they may not be legal drinking age right out of boot camp, but the truth is that they are going to drink in the military regardless and there is nothing illegal about gifting glass to young men willing to defend this nation.

Great Graduation Gifts For Patriots Starts With ‘Merica And Ends With Whiskey

We think that by now you should fully understand the title of this article. Give the newly graduated patriot in your life a little ‘Merica and let them enjoy that ‘Merica with fine whiskey. Throw a little love for the 2nd amendment in there and our products are living proof that liquor and firearms do indeed play well together.

Once again, if you don’t see what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We can do some amazing custom work and have you the perfect graduation gift in time for the upcoming graduation season. With that, we’ll leave you to shop for the newly graduated patriot in your life. If the future is as scary as it looks, we’re going to need all the patriots we can get!

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