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Liberty and Justice for All

On This Day...

It’s incredible to think that without the pursuit of Liberty and Justice for All, and the sacrifice from generation upon generation of freedom loving patriots turned soldiers, The United States of America wouldn’t exist as most of us know it. Even more so, before there were American Patriots, there were rebels & revolutionaries in every culture and time period, aiming to make dramatic changes to the world around them and without them, it’s 100% likely, life on Earth would be, well, something else...

For the entirety of American history, 244 glorious years, our armed forces have stood bravely and fought gallantly in the face of oppression. Each and every soldier has stood fast in the face of that oppression, oftentimes coming face to face with death itself, fighting it back with some basic training, gut feelings & pure instinct. There’s something to say about what it takes to put one’s country, or the idea of freedom before one’s life--a certain set of character traits is needed. Under the Stars & Stripes the only requirements are Passion, Respect, Loyalty.

Every generation produces a new class of eager boys and girls who are willingly turned into soldiers and warriors. All of our proud soldiers today make the choice to leave their family & friends behind, or perhaps join them, as they march together in the defense of our founding principles, oftentimes not knowing what they will face in opposition. But, real blue-blooded Americans strike back at any who oppose their liberty and freedom with earnestness, using brass & iron to defend that liberty on both native, and foreign soil…

Blood and sweat was hammered into every long rifle & every saber used to build the foundation of this great nation--Each and every bullet & bayonet had a purpose…

When we remember great moments in our American history, where soldiers defended the liberties and freedom of all men & women, we remember a time where we fought each other, looking for a light in the darkness...

In March of 1864,

after almost 3 years of devastating fighting in the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln reminded the nation of the sacrifices veterans make for us all … “All that a man hath he will give his life for his country … the soldier puts his life at stake, and often yields it up in his country’s cause. The highest merit, then, is due the soldier.”

That demonstration of “highest merit” has now spanned 244 years, founded upon a singular, enduring principle—Liberty and Justice for All.

On Veterans Day in 1988,

another great moment in American history, Ronald Reagan said …”We remember those who were called upon to give all a person can give, and we remember those who were prepared to make that sacrifice if it were demanded of them in the line of duty. . . Most of all, we remember the devotion and gallantry with which all of them ennobled their nation as they became champions of a noble cause.”

Each and every Veterans Day is a day of remembrance set aside to honor those who have defended our country with valor in both peace and war.

Every American is a beneficiary of veterans’ vigilance and valor, and their contributions to our way of life are incalculable. At Old Southern Brass, we are privileged to work to repay, in full, our country’s debt of gratitude…to Veterans who were there when we needed them most. We represent only a select few who have dedicated their lives to repaying that debt--countless charities, foundations, companies, and individuals who pledge their allegiance to our flag and in support of the veteran’s who carried it.  

But, both war and world are drastically different in the 244 years since the founding of the free land we hold so near to our hearts. We still fight for Righteous Freedom, not self-righteous freedom--personal liberties without accosting the freedoms & liberties of another.

Today, tough training and weapon advances has made our military the most advanced in the world; enlisted soldiers protect Americans both at home, and others fighting oppression around the globe. Today’s battlefield is spread across the internet, with cyber attacks being led against governments, financial institutions, and power grids...and every bit of information sent over the networks by unsuspecting users, is being used to against them to manipulate their connection with reality, a problem America didn’t have in its infancy. 

This battle can’t be fought with Brass & Iron like the old’s fought behind monitors, and you can’t see the faces of your enemies…

But, you always know a soldier when you see one: Passion, Respect, Loyalty. These are the characteristics anyone who disturbs the liberty & freedom of God-loving and God-fearing Americans are up against. 

For almost 250 years,

those who courageously stand fast in the face of oppression have fought hard to make the land we call The United States of America, a FREE nation. To protect those who could not protect themselves. Back when America was just an idea, there was room for errors, for mistakes--today, not so much…And, we know better. 

Today, you would think that most of our land is filled with people, buildings, housing, businesses that supply those people nourishment, entertainment--America isn’t in the market for new land. Manifest destiny isn’t something we’re practicing as a nation. It might feel like we’re close, but when you’re looking at what’s in your immediate environment with your own eyes, it’s easy to see that there’s more than enough room for all of us to exist together, and cohesively work together to unmask any attempt to take your humanity, or personal liberties from you, no matter who is trying to strip them from you. 

Ultimately, we need to find a better way to communicate our gratitude to those who fought bravely and courageously in the face of evil to get us where we are today as a nation, so that there’s even an opportunity to get better at working together--using the experience from the past to build a better future. Without soldiers - character traits that embody the American Dream, the original plan - we wouldn’t stand a chance alone against those working against us... 

And that’s why Old Southern Brass exists -- To connect the past and the present, and repay the debt & valor to each and every Armed Service member, active, or otherwise -- by capturing pieces of history and passing them onto loyal, passionate, blue-blooded Americans. 

We’re reinstating the “Brass Tax,”

and even though it never had a damn thing to do with bullets, revenue from every single piece of Patriotic merchandise you can find in our online store, goes to support the Wounded Warrior Foundation, and other charities who step up to fill the gap in where US government programs have failed. 

We will support every Veteran our government does not. 

We will fight oppression with you, no matter what form it takes on. 

We will stand with you when we cannot fight. 

We will protect our family & neighbors when they cannot protect themselves. 


Thank you for our history as a nation and for the pursuit of Liberty and Justice for All. Without it, we could never have existed. 


~Old Southern Brass Family

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