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An Introductory

Hello my Brothers and Sister Patriots and War-fighters, my name is Gregg C. Cummings, and I will be sharing with you my strong perspectives on our patriotism, our sovereignty, and our condition of readiness.  I think it is important to hear honest perspectives of veterans and well-seasoned patriots on issues of the day, as well as life after active duty, but before we dive into those detailed subject matter I think my first article should let you know a little bit more about me so you know who the attitudes and insights are coming from as you come back to revisit this webpage.   

I was born to understand the love for my country, not just because school said we should be proud, (which it doesn’t practice that any longer and that is a shame.) But because I grew up feeling “America” physically, and spiritually through nature, from living on campgrounds that my father managed.  Experiencing the “Great American Experiment”, which surrounded every aspect of my life. You see, my father, a WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam Combat Veteran, a two-time Purple Heart recipient, was a personal hero to me as a child.  I was camping at a very young age, making homemade bows, arrows, and spears, and running wild in the woods with my brothers setting traps before the age of ten.  We raised horses, hogs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, and sheep and worked hard alongside my brothers in it all.

I joined the boy scouts and became a star scout before it was all over and I got interested in girls lol. Because I stuttered badly as a kid, fighting all the time was a norm for me, so my dad signed me up at a boxing gym to learn how to fight so I would not fall short as often. 

Then being a part of a broken family and watching my very traditional American mother struggle through the years after their divorce, gave me great respect for women in general for the hardships they have faced throughout history and still face today.

Joining the military right out of high school I became a small arms specialist, a paratrooper, then became an engineer. During my military career, I graduated from numerous combat-oriented trainings and became a Ranger, Air-Assault, Jump Master, and Rappel Master to name a few. I spent time as an instructor for Air Assault School, and Rappel Master School, as well as a Pre-Ranger Course, and served in real-world theaters in Honduras on the Nicaraguan border, in the sands of Iraq, and on the island of Haiti. Having duty stations in Ft Benning GA, Stuttgart Germany, and Ft Bragg NC. 

After the military, I finished my schooling with a degree in Sociology. I worked as a family counselor for a while and then took a pay cut to become a local police officer for quite some time.  As a police officer, I became the Firearms Instructor, Less Lethal Munitions Instructor, and Defensive Tactics Instructor for my department as well as helping out at the Police Academy from time to time.

Then I spent over 10 years working for a national group focused on We The People and worked with all 50 states on getting folks to get engaged in their local, state, and national politics.  I founded a local grassroots group before co-founding the Iowa Grassroots Coalition.

Now I am the Vice President of the US First Defense Coalition, which brings together for the time many border sheriffs and border citizen rancher coalitions, Angel Moms, as well as voices from the Border Patrol and other law enforcement agencies, into this single communication strength that gives America a message, a place to go for real reports, news and statistics, away from the fake and twisted news from the mainstream media and congress. I also consult for some great companies and political advocacy organizations, such as Patriot Mission out of Florida, which works with transitioning veterans who want to become entrepreneurs and Vortex Blockchain Technologies of Des Moines Iowa who have been trying to develop blockchain voting machines which we all know we are in big need of in our free Republic. 

So, because I have experience and networks of these focused demographics of Grassroot Americans, Law Enforcement, EMS, and Military Veterans, I write about content and issues that target the interests of these great Americans. The opportunity, need, and timing for this is now, not just by me writing, but by you the reader, We The People to truly wake up and go out into the American society and feed the equal justice needed to achieve our individual pursuit of happiness, as Americans, not as skin color, not as a class, not as a hyphen, but as one people, to stop the division by sectoring each other away from one another in the name of diversity, but to instead, unite each other by melting us back into one people under the banner of university.  E Pluribus Unum (from the many, one). 

This is my mission: To create an absolute, We The People network system, dedicated to truth, education, and products with a seal of approval that everyone can trust.  Not out to get rich, but to provide the resources available, so that Americans can prepare themselves before God, country, and family. To make available first-hand information and news straight from the sources themselves. To give resources and how-tos, so the people can educate themselves about our duty as citizens of the great Republic of ours.

So make sure you come back and subscribe so that you can be enlightened and motivated to be better, do better, and be a United citizen of a nation that is supposed to be for the people, by the people, and of the people.  Our country’s future depends on that, and your children and children’s children depend on your actions of duty to ensure that positive outcome.

Look, besides coming back here to read these outstanding articles, what better place to come when you are looking for gifts for military couples, your patriotic fathers and mothers, for law enforcement, firefighters, EMS, hunters, or truckers? These gifts here are one of a kind and you will be glad you pick them up here. 

Until next time,

“Charlie Mike” (Continue The Mission)

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