Gun and Whiskey

Patriotic Gifts For Men Start With The 2nd Amendment And End With Good Whiskey

Now, to be clear, not every man in America would consider themselves an avid supporter of the 2nd Amendment. That being said, a man’s innate desire to protect his family courses through his DNA and when something unknown goes bump in the night, he’s going to become a 2A enthusiast in a quick minute. Equally, not every man in America is a fan of whiskey. That being said, the founding fathers sure loved whiskey and if the man in your life reminds you of them, he's going to love him some good American whiskey. Look, you didn’t click on this article by accident and chances are that you are looking for an awesome gift for the dad, husband, or grandfather in your life. Not only are we going to hook you up in that regard, but we are going to share some righteous firearm and whiskey knowledge that you can share with him and trust us, that will impress him as much as the gift. So, if we can borrow a few minutes of your time, let’s give dad the patriotic gift he deserves and score you some credibility points along the way.

Patriotic Gifts For The Military Veteran Dad

First, we’ll offer a quick sidebar to the military veteran dads out there. It just so happens that the author writing to you this very minute is himself a military veteran dad. Thus, it is with the utmost authority that I can tell you that dad’s love gifts that remind them of their service. There is an element of respect that one feels from their children or their spouse when they acknowledge your time in uniform. This particularly true given the past 20 years of the Global War on Terror that came to an uncermonious end with the return of Taliban rule in Afhanistan.

So, when you give him the gift of a .50 caliber bullet bottle opener, it may very well be the case that he fondly remembers firing the .50 cal and gifting violence to the enemy with his buddies like it was Taliban Christmas. Then, when you pair that gift with a whiskey glass that commemorates his branch of service and rank, you just might bring a tear to dear old dad’s eye.

The Global War on Terror defined a generation of veterans in this country and yet, that burden was born by a remarkably small percentage of the population. Many with multiple deployments and many with lasting effects to this day. Giving him some cool patriotic swag for  

Groomsmen Wedding Party Gifts That Win The Day

Now, let’s talk about another group of men that are special to you and those are the men who stand beside you when you take the plunge into marriage. Typically, these are the men who’ve been with you through it all and if you like firearms and whiskey, chances are they do too. That’s why we’ve created an entire line of whiskey and firearm oriented groomsman gifts.

Yes, we suppose it is possible that you’re a hard pipe hitting patriotic veteran of foreign wars who likes to drink whiskey and pew, pew, pew, while one of your groomsmen is a tree hugging hippie living in a tent in the middle of Seattle who drinks pumpkin lattes. Not sure, maybe it’s your bride to be’s little brother and you’re just helping him feel included.

However, for the rest of the men you like to hunt and drink with, there really is no better gift you could offer them than one of our groomsman gifts. They're affordable enough that you can give the full wedding party and we even have some specific for the father of the bride, just to thank him for creating such a fine woman.

Why The Modern American Man Loves The 2nd Amendment

Now that we’ve shown you the gifts that will make the man in your life swell with pride, let’s spend some time talking about why that is the case. This is the part where we share with you the information that gives you insight into why these gifts mean so much to men. It is one thing to say that history has proven the logic and justification for a citizen's right to bear arms. That is true and one oppressive tyrant after the other committing atrocities upon a disarmed populace is all you need to know.

However, we actually believe that modernity has given us just as much evidence and proof that the 2nd Amendment is as relevant today as it was when it was first written by the founders. In the past four years, we have witnessed civil unrest and turmoil that spans the political spectrum. That’s not a partisan line, just a measurable fact. We have seen violence on an unprecedented scale and we have seen that violence overwhelms law enforcement's ability to respond and keep the peace. No man, in his right mind, would prefer disarmament over the ability to protect his family in that scenario. So, you can carry a gun with you wherever you go or you can carry a cop with you wherever you go. Trust us, a cop is much heavier than a firearm.

Modernity has also shown us that people’s ability to live free is directly proportional to its citizen’s ability to defend themselves. When China decided to descend upon Hong Kong and crack down on basic liberty, the people of Hong Kong protested and fought back. That is, they fought back with rocks, bottles, and at least one bow and arrow. A for effort, but they lost miserably. The people of Hong Kong have lost their freedom for generations and they will not get it back. It is easily said that people groups have one chance, just the one chance at freedom and if they miss their shot, their great great grandchildren are doomed to tyranny.

Why The Modern American Man Loves Whiskey

Again, we can’t guarantee that the man you're shopping for loves whiskey, but there is a reason you wound up on our webpage instead of Old Southern Kale Smoothies and Safe Spaces. There is a reason why whiskey and firearms appealed to you and you likely know that this is right up his alley. Whiskey is a quintessential American spirit and it has permeated nearly every facet of our nation’s history.

It is true that Whiskey helped warm the bellies of General George Washington’s men at Valley Forge and it is true that President Washington led an armed cohort to put down a rebellion when some of the same men got a little upset about paying taxes on whiskey they produced after the war. Tennessee has Jack Daniels and Kentucky is a bourbon lover’s paradise, but whiskey of all forms was the drink that helped settle the wild west.

Whiskey poured through America during the celebrations after our victory in WW2 and whiskey has awaited the modern generation of veteran’s home as they returned from the Global Wars on Terror. We don’t suppose that you could separate whiskey from the American experience anymore than you could take out all the stars and stripes. Whiskey is Americana as it gets. The man in your life can perceive that when he pours a glass of his finest in the evening and when you have a glass that matches that character, you have an amazing gift for the man in your life.

Firearm And Whiskey Gifts For Men

As we bring this writing to an end, we’d just like to check in and see if we lived up to our promise at the beginning of the article. We did indeed show you some fine firearm and whiskey gifts for men. To that end, we say mission accomplished. However, we also hope that we have offered some insight into why these gifts are meaningful gifts for men. Why these gifts are impactful to the military veteran and the civilian who just loves this country enough to protect it with the 2nd Amendment.

These are cool gifts that he will appreciate and if you’ve made it to the end of this article, we know that you believe that as well. So, with that we will leave you to shop and peruse the right gift for the man in your life. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and just know that if you start with the 2nd Amendment and end with good whiskey, you can’t go wrong and he will love it.

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