The Experts Are Wrong, Whiskey And Firearms Are A Perfect Combination

The Experts Are Wrong, Whiskey And Firearms Are A Perfect Combination

You simply cannot tell the story of the great American experiment without mentioning firearms and our beloved 2nd Amendment. Equally, you simply cannot tell the American story without mentioning America’s beverage of choice, whiskey. Now, the experts will tell you that alcohol and firearms are a bad combination and to that we must heartily disagree. That doesn’t mean we’re suggesting you down a pint of your finest whiskey and hit the gun range. Responsibility is presupposed within the 2nd Amendment and supporters of 2A are some of the most patriotic and responsible humans that you’ll find from sea to shining sea. Rather, we’re telling you that whiskey and firearms are the perfect combination because they are both key ingredients in the recipe of our nation. Sure, you could have one and not the other and you might have a nation, but that nation would not be the United States of America. So, grab a glass of your finest whiskey and with your permission, let us chat together about the whiskey and firearm fueled history of this great nation.

Bullet Whiskey Glasses Are A Classic Snapshot of America

It’s no secret that we sell bullet whiskey glasses, shotgun shot glasses, and just about every booze and bullet fueled patriotic gear that would bring George Washington himself tears of joy. However, the inspiration for our patriotic blending of American favorites comes from our nation’s history. George Washington himself gave instructions to the commissary general of purchase for the Continental Army that “There should always be a sufficient quantity of spirits with the army, to furnish moderate supplies to the troops.”

That’s right, as equally important as bullets were to Washington, so was the men’s whiskey. For his army to travel far without either was simply unacceptable. Also, when you’re having a glass of whiskey and your wife calls to see what you are doing, you can honestly just say, “studying history.” You’re welcome.

The nation’s love affair with both whiskey and guns would continue on through the decades to come. So much so that President Andrew Jackson famously said, “I have never in my life seen a Kentuckian who didn’t have a gun, a pack of cards, and a jug of whiskey.” Try as hard as you might, but you cannot escape the impact of whiskey and firearms during the early years of the American story.

The Failed Prohibition Experiment Proves Americans Won’t Be Tamed

As important as whiskey and firearms were during the founding of this nation were makes the failed experiment of prohibition all the more curious. Prohibition was a bad idea that was doomed to fail from the start because the American spirit cannot be tamed. We have been a rebel nation from the start and whiskey and firearms are the heralds of that rebellion.

It took about 0.2 seconds after the passage of the 18th amendment for moonshine stills to pop up on the mountains of Appalachia and black markets to start running whiskey across the border. Trying to ban whiskey gave Americans the golden age of organized crime and all the great gangster movies we’ve come to love. Politicians wanted to create a sober society and they got Al Capone and submachine guns instead. We shall not be tamed as we will have our guns and our whiskey. In fact, we even drink our whiskey out of shotgun shell shot glasses, just to prove that point.

Bullets And Whiskey Fueled America’s Greatest Warriors

By the time World War 2 rolled around, prohibition had been repealed and Americans were back to their whiskey and firearm loving ways in public and grand fashion. A few Americans were even able to fuse their whiskey with the greatest conflict this world has ever known. Perhaps no American did this better than Medal of Honor recipient and legendary Marine pilot Greg “Pappy” Boyington.

Pappy’s exploits were highlighted in the 70’s TV show Baa Baa Black Sheep and the man was truly larger than life. As a Marine pilot, Boyington was an ace five times over with 26 recorded kills over the Pacific. The only thing he did better than shoot down enemy planes was downing inexplicable amounts of whiskey. The man partied as hard as he fought and became a living legend during the war.

Unfortunately, after his last and 26th kill, Pappy was shot down and subsequently made a Prisoner of War for the duration. He would later comment that he felt his time as a POW actually improved his health due to the forced sobriety. When he returned to the United States in October of 1945, Life magazine was there to record the party that ensued and one hell of a party it was.  

Gifts For The Groomsman, Patriot, And Lover Of 2A

It is with the history of this great nation in mind and men like Pappy Boyington to inspire us that we make our products. From the Revolutionary War to World War 2 and beyond, you simply can’t tell the history of this nation without uttering the words whiskey and firearms. So the next time someone tells you that whiskey and firearms don’t mix, you tell them the great American experiment says otherwise. If they agree, pull out another glass and enjoy your whiskey together. If they disagree, take back his glass and drink them both because, damn it, that is the American way of life. Now, feel free to peruse our products, grab yourself a drink and offer up a toast to Pappy. After all, it’s just studying history, right? 

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