Best Father’s Day Gifts For The Patriotic Dad In 2023

Best Father’s Day Gifts For The Patriotic Dad In 2023

Here at Old Southern Brass, we’re big believers in the power of family and as such, we’re big fans of both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day giving. You shouldn’t need a special reason to recognize mom and dad, but since the greeting card companies created one for us, we should at least do our best not to mess it up. In this article, we’re going to be specifically talking about Father’s Day as our gifts best lend themselves to honoring good old dad. That’s stoic men whose love for their country is surpassed only by their love for their family. So that we might assist you in avoiding the standard “Best Dad Ever” coffee mug or horrendous tie, we’re going to help you process what dads in different seasons of life might be looking for this Father’s Day.

That’s from the newly minted dad to the patriarchal granddad, we’ve got something for you all. With your permission, let’s jump right in and find the best way to honor your patriotic dad in 2023.

A Subtle And Sweet Father’s Day Gift For The Newly Minted Dad

Newborns and toddlers sure do know how to bring joy to a newly minted dad’s life, but they both suck something awful when it comes to shopping for presents. They don’t have the slightest clue what money is and they can’t even spell the word Dad on a card. So, newly minted mothers, this is where you come to save the day.

Assuming that the new dad didn’t just screw up mother’s day and fail to get you something, you get to offer him up a father’s day gift that speaks to the future that you both hope to build for your new family. If you are a first time parent, there is a reasonable chance that you are in your 20’s and you might even be struggling to afford diapers and the basics.

That’s why we offer some extremely affordable and yet, very cool gifts that won’t break the bank. For the newly minted dad, we’d recommend any one of our patriotic themed 12 Gauge Shot Glasses. They come in a variety of designs, but all of them say the same thing to your husband. You appreciate the protection and partnership he’s offering and you’re excited to navigate this new chapter together. Also, you recognize that after some long days chasing kids around, you need a shot or two to chill. Very affordable and neither of you will have to pick up extra shifts to cover the cost of this present.

Dignified Father’s Day Gifts For A More Discerning Dad

Fast forward a few years and perhaps you’ve got a house full of kids now. Their motor skills have developed to the point that they can draw dad a heart moving homemade card and dads really do love to read them. As for shopping, the kids still don’t have jobs and any money they do have was given to them by mom and dad for their birthday.

So, once again, mom can come in to save the day. For a dad in a busier and more discerning season of life, you want to give him something that reflects the hard work and progress that you have made together. Long gone are the days of drinking bottom shelf whiskey out of a red solo cup, but you may not quite be at the point where you can afford a rich bottle of Pappy Van Winkle.

For this dad, we’d recommend any of our Bullet Glassware that features a real bullet embedded in the side along with patriotic themes emblazoned across the glass. He can show them off to his friends when they come over to grill and if you are worried the kids will ask, “why does daddy drink so much of his special drink”, you can even give this gift to your husband after the kids go to bed. Hell, he might even love the gift enough that he releases you from any other “nightly obligations” he tries to throw upon you just because it is Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Gifts For The Patriotic Dad Who Has Come Of Age

Fast forward to this final season of dadhood and there is a better than average chance this dad is tired. It isn’t easy raising a family in this day and age, but the kids have turned out to be great human beings and that is something to celebrate. Financially, you may be coming into the most comfortable season of life and perhaps good ole dad is now a newly minted granddad.

This dad has grown an appreciation for class and truly deserves some of the finer things in life. If he doesn’t have one already, now is the time to give him a full whiskey glass and decanter set that he can place in his study or office. It’s a classy set and now that the kids are old enough, perhaps they can even pitch in and actually pay for it themselves. It also makes a great gift for the newly minted grandad, just don’t expect the newly born grandbaby to pitch in.

Patriotic Gifts For Dads Who Create The Next Generation Of Patriot

Here at Old Southern Brass, we honor moms and dads because we are patriotic moms and dads ourselves. We love this country and we raise our children to do the same. Father’s day represents and opportunity to honor that journey and because patriotic men often love patriotic women who love whiskey as well, our gifts also work great for Mother’s day.

Thank you to all the dads out there who may not know what they are going to do when they tell their family, “I’ll handle it”, but just know that come hell or highwater, they will handle it. It’s not easy being a dad so let’s get the dads in our lives the perfect Father’s Day gift this year. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions and let’s all toast a drink of fine whiskey to good ole dad.

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