Gifts For A Texan That Loves Guns And Whiskey

Gifts For A Texan That Loves Guns And Whiskey

To be perfectly honest, can you really call yourself a Texan if you don’t love guns and whiskey? The great state of Texas is an absolute national treasure and, in our humble opinion, if there is a state that embodies this great nation of ours it is Texas. That’s why when you are shopping for gifts for a Texan, you’d always do well to pursue Texas themed gifts. You might think that is a bit too much on the nose, but Texans love them some Texas and when in doubt, give them more Texas. We’ve got some great products for that beloved Texan in your life that pays homage to the state as well as pays homage to everything an honest God-fearing Texan loves. With your permission, we’d like to walk you through those gifts now and we’ll include a Texas sized dose of American history along the way.

Texas Gifts Celebrate The Very Best of America

When famed frontiersman Davy Crocket lost his 1835 reelection campaign for Congress, he is quoted as telling his detractors that, “You can go to hell, I’m going to Texas.” He would then go on to make his famous last stand at the Alamo and forever earn his rightful place in American history. Texas seems to have a way of drawing in the best of America and letting it live up to its fullest potential.

 That’s why if you are looking for the perfect gift to give the Texan in your life, why not go straight to the point. Our Texas Rocks Whiskey Glass makes the perfect gift for any Texan who loves whiskey and loves them some Texas. It’s a beautiful whiskey glass with a 10 oz. capacity that he or she will proudly display with the rest of their Texas swag.

Texas Gifts For The Texan Who Loves The 2nd Amendment

 Finding a Texan who doesn’t love guns and our beloved 2nd Amendment is a difficult endeavor, because if they don’t love guns they know to keep that fact quiet in Texas. You will not find a more passionate state when it comes to our right to bear arms and as such, when searching for a Texas sized gift for a Texan, 2A is a great place to start. 

To celebrate such a Texan, we’d recommend our 2nd Amendment Rocks Whiskey Glass with a real copper bullet embedded in the side. The combination of whiskey and firearms screams pew, pew, pew and there isn’t a chance in hell that your Texan won’t love it. Texans treat the sacred words of 2A with more reverence than their own wedding vows and should our nation ever forsake those words, you can bet a big Texas sized national divorce is soon to follow.

A Texas Sized Gift That Any True Texan Can Appreciate

 Now, just because we are talking about Texas here, we’re going to take this special moment to talk about going big. You simply cannot talk Texas without talking about big hats, big trucks, and big guns. That’s why we’re going to point out that we offer a Texas Sized AR-15 Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set You read that correctly. We made a whiskey decanter out of a glass AR-15 and it is magnificent.

It comes with a real wooden gun rack and four rocks whiskey glasses, because this is the type of Texas gift that is meant to be enjoyed with others. We can just imagine someone asking a Texan, “just how much do you love guns and whiskey”, and then the guy pulls out this gift and pours whiskey right out of the barrel of an AR-15. If that doesn't scream Texas, we don’t know what does.

Texas Gifts That Celebrate The Constitution And Declaration Of Independence

 Finally, let’s just all go ahead and acknowledge that Texans are patriots through and through. People that often like to make fun of Texas often do so because they have some sort of disdain for this nation and they recognize that Texans are on the front lines of defending this great nation. As such, giving a Texan a gift that celebrates patriotism is a guaranteed win.

 We offer a difficult choice when trying to choose between gifts that celebrate the constitution itself, or the greatest breakup letter of all time, the Declaration of Independence. Granted, you can’t go wrong, but trying to decide whether a Texas loves his inalienable rights more than his rebellious spirit is a tall task.

Texas Deserves All The Recognition It Receives

Here at Old Southern Brass, we are unapologetically patriotic and as such, we are unapologetically lovers of all things Texas. Sure, we could create an entire line of products that celebrates the state of Connecticut, but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it. You just won’t find a group of people who love their state more than the average Texan and that is something to celebrate.

If you can’t find what you are looking for to celebrate the big Texan in your life, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We offer a great deal of customization and it would be our honor to put a Texas sized smile on that great patriot of yours. With that, we’ll leave you to shopping and if you are an East Coast elitist who wouldn't dare buy our products, in the spirit of Davy Crockett, you can go to hell and we’ll sell products to Texas.

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