Gifts For Police Officers That Honor The Thin Blue Line

Gifts For Police Officers That Honor The Thin Blue Line

Chaos is often closer than most people realize and if they go their whole lives without recognizing just how close to peril they come on on any given day, they have the Thin Blue Line to thank for it. Here at Old Southern Brass, we are unapologetically patriotic and supporters of our men and women in blue. One doesn’t sign up to wrestle naked crackheads on our behalf for the money and nor do they do it for the gifts. However, if you have a cherished law enforcement officer in your life, you know damn well that they deserve the very best. In this article, we’re going to walk you through the process of selecting the perfect gift for the police officer in your life and show you how you can truly offer gratitude. The thin blue line is all that separates us from anarchy and today, we’re going to honor them in grand fashion. Let’s jump right in.

Gifts That Pay Respect To The Thin Blue Line

It is true that police officers don’t serve us for the accolades or gifts, but it is equally true that they would appreciate a basic amount of respect. Unfortunately, modern society seems to have run full out of respect and replaced it with vitriol and hate. What our law enforcement officers have had to endure over the past 4 years is beyond disrespectful. Our gifts can’t undo that disrespect, but the proper gift can remind them that there are those of us who love and appreciate them.

We’ve developed an entire Thin Blue Line set of products that pay homage to those who protect us and do so in a manner that any LEO can appreciate. At the end of a long shift, many law enforcement officers want nothing more than to hug their family and sit back with a glass of fine whiskey. Our Thin Blue Line series of products allows them to do that while feeling that their sacrifice has been acknowledged. Coming home at the end of your watch is never a guarantee and each time you do so, that alone is a reason for gratitude.

Law Enforcement Officers And Patriots Are One In The Same

Show me a law enforcement officer anywhere in this great nation of ours and I’ll show you a patriot. They are almost inseparable from one another as patriotism bleeds service and sacrifice. As such, if you feel the Thin Blue Line series is a bit on the nose, you can always gift them some patriotic drinking gear with great effect.

 Personally, we’d recommend this Patriotic Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set with the words of our beloved constitution engraved upon them. In reality, it has always been law enforcement officers that protect our rights on a daily basis. Sure, the Marine Corps is a better tool to fight China, but when that naked crackhead comes knocking on your door in the morning, it is law enforcement that will be there first. On a daily basis, your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is upheld by the boys in blue.

Gifts That Honor Law Enforcement And Military Service

While it is not a given that every law enforcement officer has prior military service, it is true that the military to law enforcement pipeline is real. That’s because service and sacrifice tends to breed more service and sacrifice. The guy who walked the streets of Fallujah is very likely to be the same guy patrolling the streets of Memphis, Dallas, Phoenix and beyond.

For the military veteran and law enforcement officer, you could acknowledge their service by paying homage to their original oath. That is the Oath of Enlistment that is sworn when one first enlists. Often an oath taken before they even turn 18 years of age, it is an oath that kicks off a lifetime of service that often culminates in a career in law enforcement.

Police Academy Graduation Gifts And Police Officer Retirement Gifts

Giving a gift to the law enforcement officer in your life, “just because”, is always a good idea as respect shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions. That being said, there are a few milestones in a law enforcement officer’s life that warrant special recognition. The first being that moment when they can officially call themselves an officer of the law. A great gift to recognize that moment would be our Police Officer Oath of Honor rocks whiskey glass.

Now, when it comes to retirement from law enforcement, this is indeed a momentous occasion to recognize. It is a discernible truth that every there are law enforcement officers who dreamed of retirement, but will tragically witness the early end of their watch at the hands of evildoers.

That’s why when a law enforcement officer reaches the retirement milestone, it should never be taken for granted.

 The perfect gift that honors this milestone is one that they can put on display and use for the rest of their well-earned retirement. For this reason, we’re going to recommend the cream of the crop when it comes to our products. Our Thin Blue Line Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set pays homage to their career and gives them the chance to reflect on that career while enjoying the finest whiskey. It’s not the cheapest product we have in our arsenal, but this isn’t an occasion to skimp and save a few bucks.

Gifts That Say Thank You To Our Law Enforcement Community

Finally, we’ll just say that you don’t have to pick one of our products to say thank you to our law enforcement community, but you do have to say thank you. With our product, with anyone’s product, or just with mere words and a hug if that’s all you can offer. What they do on our behalf on a daily basis often goes unnoticed because they are so good at what they do.

They step into the gap on our behalf and as such, we never see or witness the evil they encounter on a daily basis. We don’t have to take that trauma home with us, because they happily do it our stead. It takes a toll on their mental health and it takes a toll on their families. The least, the very least we can do, is say thank you at every opportunity. If Old Southern Brass can help you do so, then it is truly our honor to be a part of that story.

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