Army Retirement Gifts For The Soldier In Your Life

Army Retirement Gifts For The Soldier In Your Life

From the moment they took the oath, any soldier in the U.S. Army swore to protect our beloved constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. Most will do that for a simple term of enlistment or two, but a select few will make an entire career out of it. This might have meant multiple deployments, frequent relocations, and the unique fact that despite being in your 40’s or 50’s that you have the knees and back of a 99 year old. Military service most certainly takes its toll on the body, but if you’ve run the race and fought the good fight until the end of a career, you’ve done this nation a great service. Now, if that sounds like any loved one in your life approaching military retirement for the Army, we’ve got the perfect array of gifts to honor that sacrifice. So, with your permission, we’d like to borrow a few minutes of your time and walk you through that array of gifts in order to honor the soldier in your life who has finished strong.

Personalized Army Retirement Gifts That Respect The Rank

When a soldier retires from the Army, the odds are that he or she is a senior Staff Non Commissioned Officer or Commissioned Officer with the rank of Major or higher. We suppose it is possible to retire as a Private after 20 years and if so, that must have been one hell of a court martial story and we want to hear it. But, for the most part, if you’ve made it 20 plus years you didn’t tangle too much with the UCMJ.

That’s why the most straightforward army retirement gift that we can recommend is our Army Rocks Whiskey Glass with Personalized Rank. A soldier has worked hard to earn that rank and if they end their service as a Sergeant Major or Colonel, they will appreciate the opportunity to show that off while enjoying fine whiskey.

The beginning of their Army career started with them binge drinking bottom shelf whiskey in red solo cups in the barracks. The middle of their career had them drinking better whiskey and mostly drinking because of the stupid stuff the young soldiers under the command were doing while they were binge drinking. The end of their career deserves something a little more classy and this rocks whiskey glass pulls that off while honoring their rank.

Patriotic Army Retirement Gifts For Him Or Her

You don’t spend 20 plus years in the Army without loving this great nation of ours. The pay isn’t that great and dangers are tangible, so you don’t risk your life for something you loathe. We should also point out that while our metrics say that men are our average customer, women have been kicking ass and taking names in the Army for a long time now. They deserve a great retirement gift and good whiskey as much as anyone.

Because the average Army retiree is a patriot, they will love any of our a ssorted patriotic themed bullet glassware. This is fine American crafted glass with a real copper bullet embedded in the side. Upon the glass itself, you can choose from our wide range of patriotic themes. It's a cool gift that will get some great use and look great in a study or office arrayed with their military challenge coins and other military swag. Now, if you really want to class up that retiree’s office or study, you’ll want to see our final offering for you here today.

A Whiskey Decanter And Glass Set For The Army Retiree

After a long and illustrious career, the average Army retiree exits the service with great memories and swag that they will likely display in an office or study somewhere. That’s challenge coins from various commands, awards and ribbons on display, citations and meritorious achievements and most importantly, pictures of their buddies.

To enjoy those memories, we can think of nothing better to gift the Army retiree than one of our fine and classy Whiskey Decanter and Glass Sets. Decanters allow the whiskey to speak for itself and can be adorned with one of our various patriotic themes, to include the Army logo.

Sitting back in the office and enjoying fine whiskey while stimulated by the memories evoked from the military swag is peak retirement joy. We even have a Whiskey Decanter shaped like an AR-15 to complete the trip down memory lane if you so choose.

Army Retirees Deserve A Gift That Honors The Process And The Sacrifice

If the Army soldier in your life is retiring right now in 2023 or soon after, they’ve run the race and fought the good fight over two decades of war. They likely enlisted or accepted their commission shortly before or after 9-11 and as such, their service was marked by the Global Wars on Terror. They may have served multiple deployments and the unceremonious end of the GWOT wars with the return of Taliban rule in Afghanistan likely looms large in their minds.

So honor the process of the past 20 to 30 and the sacrifice that it took to reach this milestone of retirement. It wasn’t easy and you could give them every single product in our inventory and it still wouldn’t be enough to thank them for what they just did for our country. If you don’t see the right gift for the army soldier in your life, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If we can help you honor their service in a more personalized manner, it would be our joy to do so.

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