Gifts For Vietnam Veterans That Honor Their Service

Gifts For Vietnam Veterans That Honor Their Service

It is a discernible truth that our Vietnam Veterans were not treated with the dignity and respect that their gallant service warranted when they returned from Vietnam. There is no gift for a Vietnam Veteran that we could offer today that could possibly make up for this tragedy, but that doesn’t mean that we as a nation should not try. We do this not with hollow veteran day gifts and free chicken strips at your local Applebees once a year, but with communication. That is, we communicate our genuine understanding and respect for what they endured, both on the battlefield and here at home. Here at Old Southern Brass, we offer a maximum range of customization so that you can communicate exactly what you want to convey to our honored Vietnam Veterans. They’ve earned it more than most and though nothing will quite pay back the debt we owe them, we’ve got some honorable gifts that any Vietnam Veteran will appreciate.

A Gift That Lets Vietnam Veterans Know You Think About Their Service

As we begin, we should start off by saying that you don’t need a special event or national holiday to gift any of our products to a Vietnam Veteran. To be honest, we think it is more impactful if you give such a gift without any formal prompting because it lets the Vietnam Veteran know that you think about their service.

That’s why we recommend the reason for gifting something to a Vietnam Veteran is simply, “I saw this and instantly thought of you.” It’s really not that difficult to imagine the impact of such words as a husband who brings home the obligatory flowers on Valentine’s Day is going to get a much different reaction than the husband who brought his wife flowers on a random Thursday just because she deserves them.

 So it is with our Vietnam Veterans and honestly, it is true of veterans of all stripes and service periods. Gifts for a Veteran, “just because”, is something that communicates genuine love and respect. As such, we’d like to suggest that if you found this article while shopping for some other reason, stop right now and consider if you know a veteran who would appreciate such a gesture. Now, let’s get on with honoring our Vietnam Veterans.

Gifts For Vietnam Veterans Can Be General Or Specific

The first thing that you want to decide when giving a gift to a Vietnam Veteran is whether or not you want the gift to be specific to their service in Vietnam or general to their service overall. You have to remember that not every military service member who served during the Vietnam War years actually deployed to Vietnam and this can be a source of misplaced guilt for some. It wasn’t their fault that they didn’t deploy as you go where the service tells you to go. However, many who did not deploy still feel some element of guilt.

This means that if you are not certain about the service status, you might want to consider one of our generalized military gifts that honor their service. We’ve got rocks whiskey glasses, whiskey decanters, bullet bottle openers and more that can all be chosen in the service members branch of service. Again, you could give them such a gift for Veteran’s Day, but please don’t underestimate the impact of saying, “I saw this and instantly thought of you.”

Patriotic Gifts For Vietnam Veterans Speak Volumes

Once again, you don’t have to exactly reference a Vietnam Veteran’s service with the gift itself. Vietnam Veterans are patriots and when you give some of our patriotic glassware that reference the Constitution of the United States, you are essentially saying “Thank you for defending the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

It is a truth that there were Vietnam Veterans who supported the war and there are Vietnam Veterans who opposed the war. However, those who chose to serve versus running off for Canada share a common bond. Warriors don’t get to choose the conflicts in which they fight. Sadly, old men and crooked politicians are the ones that send young men to war.

Warriors simply fight when called because they are willing to bear that necessary burden for the survival of our Republic. Just like our “Oath of Enlistment” rocks whiskey glass points out, our service members took an oath and every single veteran who stepped foot in Vietnam fulfilled that oath. Political opinions about the war are irrelevant when honoring those who served.

The Time To Honor Vietnam Veterans Is Right Now In The Present

Much like the declining population of our treasured World War 2 and Korean War veterans, those who served in Vietnam are entering their golden years. A 20 year old PFC who served in 1965 is approaching their 80’s and we have but a couple of decades left to truly honor what they did on behalf of this nation. The time is now and if this article made you think of any loved one, respected neighbor, or even mild acquaintance who served, now is the time to communicate your respect to them.

Look, we’d be honored if you chose to do that with one of our products, but we’d be thrilled you chose to honor them in any manner. We are unapologetic supporters of those in uniform and Vietnam Veterans are cherished in all that we do. Please don’t hesitate to communicate just how much your Vietnam Veterans mean to you. If there is a level of customization you don’t see here, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If we can make it happen for this gallant generation, we’ll move heaven and earth to make it so. Thank you to our Vietnam Veterans and thank you for choosing to honor them.

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