Bullet Bottle Opener Handcrafted with Authentic 50 Cal Casing

Bullet Bottle Opener Handcrafted with Authentic 50 Cal Casing


Old Southern Brass’s high-quality brass bullet bottle openers are unique items to add to your collection. You not only deserve an original bullet bottle opener, but you need one. Let us share why. Popping open your beer with a brass bottle opener from Old Southern Brass is a way to support the 2nd amendment, your first responders, and military veterans.

Our uniquely designed bottle openers represent your right to bear arms with a bold, brassy display of ammunition and a quoted exhibit of “a well regulated Militia…” you know the rest. 

The truest blue-blooded Americans are the ones who defend our country and protect American citizens from violence and crime. Let’s give our thanks and show our support by acting like the proud American patriots we are! Because we are grateful for this beautiful land of the free and home of the brave. Support your country by heading to our store and shopping for the perfect brass bottle opener. And it doesn’t hurt to have a special bullet pint glass with a solid copper projectile to pour your beer into after you’ve popped the cap!


Special Deals at Old Southern Brass

Buy our 50 cal bottle opener wholesale and earn up to 15% off! The more you buy, the more you save. We’ll give you 5% off a set of 2 bullet bottle openers, 10% off 3, and 15% off 4! Take advantage of our discounts before it’s too late.

Personalized 50 Cal BMG Bullet Bottle Opener

Pair your bullet pint glass with a personalized 50 cal bullet bottle opener! We’ll tell you about 3 different versions of our unique bottle opener made from bullet casings in this article. Here’s everything you need to know about our bullet bottle opener handcrafted from an authentic 50 cal casing.

Personalized with Rifle Case

First, we have our personalized 50 cal bullet bottle openers. This BMG bottle opener and rifle case costs $24.99 and comes with the option for a personalized engraving. Simply go to our website and enter the text you want to be displayed on your personalized brass bottle opener. Then order it!

Plain with Rifle Case

Our 50 cal brass bottle opener that does not come with a personalized text option sits at $18.99. It’s the same 50 cal bottle opener as mentioned above, just without the engraving.

Plain without Rifle Case

These 50 call bullet bottle openers come at a cheaper price without the rifle case or option for personalized text. At just $12.99 this is your most affordable 50 cal option!

Authentic 50 Caliber Round

Each bullet bottle opener is made from an authentic 50 caliber round. Since each round was fired, each bottle opener will likely have its own unique signs of wear, proudly displaying individual marks of American history. These durable brass bullets will last you many years if you take good care of them! 

The Rifle Case

With military color options in black, desert tan, and olive drab, our bullet bottle opener rifle case operates exactly like a real rifle case. It has hinges that allow it to open and close, snaps for secure closing, and an aesthetic identical to an authentic functioning rifle case. It’s just a mini version!

Dimensions and Weight

Each bottle opener made from bullet casing is 0.04 pounds and has dimensions of 4.02 X 0.98 X 0.98 inches. This size fits nicely in your hand as you crack open delicious drinks.

Wounded Warrior Project

With your purchase of our bottle openers, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. Give back to your military veterans by shopping at Old Southern Brass!


Our customers are very happy with our 50 cal bullet bottle openers! 5.0 stars all around! Check out what they’re saying here.

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