5 Kinds of Bullet Shaped Shot Glasses for Your Next Party

5 Kinds of Bullet Shaped Shot Glasses for Your Next Party


Stand out at your next party with the best alcohol selection and the coolest bullet shaped shot glasses for your guests! The typical American party is not short on alcohol or an extensive buffet of food. But the best American parties come with entertainment and delectable drink presentations that beg guests to take a sip. 

For your next party, impress your guests with fancy, high-quality shot glasses shaped like real bullets! Fill 2-ounce pours with your favorite drink and share them on a platter for all to enjoy. All you need to do is buy a unique bullet shaped shot glass.

Not hosting? No worries. Arrive at friends’ parties in style. Bring along your favorite bullet shot glass to parties and request the host to fill it with your drink of choice. 

Whether you’re hosting or attending, it’s always a good idea to tip it back with cool shot glasses. Here are 5 types of bullet shaped shot glasses to choose from.

5 Kinds of Bullet Shaped Shot Glasses

Ceramic 50 Cal Shot Glass

Old Southern Brass’s 50 cal shot glass, modeled after a 50 caliber casing, is the perfect shiny bullet shaped shot glass for your next party if you’re going for a classy brass look. Made from high-quality ceramic, this glossy, brass-colored bullet shot glass holds 2 ounces of your favorite spirit. Our set of 50 cal shot glasses is the perfect go-to shot glass pack for every occasion. 

Shiny brass looks nice at Christmas and New Year’s parties, as the gold complements the red, green, silver, and gold that shines this time of year. Conveniently, these golden glasses work well in the middle of sunny summer at a Fourth of July party. These shot glasses are perfect for any occasion!

Classic 12 Gauge Shot Glass

Hunters and gun enthusiasts will appreciate this set of 12 gauge shot glasses. The traditional red 12 gauge shell is an awesome party token and will look great in your man cave, especially if it's decorated with taxidermy and gun cabinets. Each 2-ounce pour is made from high-quality polyethylene with a metalized base. The set of 4 shot glass collection comes in an attractive box perfect for gifting and storing. This type of bullet shaped shot glass is the one to buy if you’re throwing a party for big game hunters and small game hunters.

Themed 12 Gauge Shot Glass

At Old Southern Brass, we’ve considered all occasions and hobbies that American patriots, veterans, first responders, and gun enthusiasts might enjoy. That’s why we provide an extensive selection of themed 12 gauge shot glasses appropriate for bachelor parties, Veteran’s Day, Father’s Day, and other special occasions. Our thin blue line shot glasses are loved by police officers and first responders, while our Psalm 144:1 shot glasses are appreciated by the God-fearing man or woman. We also carry 2nd amendment set of 4 shot glass collections for those who appreciate their right to bear arms. These special souvenirs add a sentimental touch for your party guests if you’re personalizing the shot glass themes in honor of them!

.308 Projectile Shot Glass

We can’t forget the exclusive .308 bullet shot glass. This unique bullet shot glass isn’t quite shaped like a bullet; rather it’s embedded with one! A real solid copper .308 projectile is embedded in the side of this shot glass for a true patriotic feel. 

Check out the different options within our patriotic shot glass selection. We have thin blue line shot glasses, 2nd amendment shot glasses, and punisher skull American flag shot glasses for the proud American patriot! Plus, we have a .308 caliber bullet shot glass gift set for those looking for a nice set of 4 to 6 matching shot glasses. 

Glass 50 Cal Shot Glass 

Last on this list is the transparent glass bullet shaped shot glass set from Amazon. This 1.5-ounce shot glass is taller and skinnier than a traditional shot glass, giving it a unique look. You can buy this collection as a set of 4 shot glass pack. Fill the bullet shaped part of this shot glass with your favorite drink and you’ll be taking shots in style at your next party! 

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