50 Caliber Brass Ceramic Shot Glasses - Set of 2

5 Best Budget Friendly Bullet Whiskey Shot Glasses You Can Buy


Unique shot glasses are common collector’s items that line many Americans’ shelves at home. Finding high-quality shot glasses at affordable prices can provide a bit of a challenge when you’re a shot glass connoisseur and you have good taste. Top-of-the-line brass shot glasses can cost up to $250! That’s pretty dang expensive if you ask me! There’s no need to spend upwards of $200 on shot glasses when there are plenty of affordable, high-quality shot glasses out there. 

Brass shot glasses and bullet shot glasses alike, our suggestions for the best glassware will proudly hold your whiskey drink of choice. Whether you love notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak or you’re more of a spicy rye whiskey fan, your favorite drink deserves a favorite shot glass! Check out the 5 best budget-friendly whiskey shot glasses below. 

And to make it even more affordable, the more you buy, the more you save with our special deal. The more bullet shot glasses you add to your card, the higher the discount you’ll receive. Take 5% off of 2, 10% off of 3, and 15% off of 4!

Budget Friendly Bullet Shot Glasses

Shiny Brass 50 Cal Shot Glass

Our glossy brass shot glass set of 2 will stand out in your liquor cabinet. Modeled after 50 caliber casings, these brass shot glasses hold 2 ounces of your favorite whiskey. Whether you’re casually drinking with your buds in the man cave or you’re out partying, you can drink in style with a unique 50 cal shot glass. At just $14.99 for a set of two ceramic shot glasses, you won’t be breaking the bank. Plus, we have a special discount on our shot glasses! The more you buy, the more you save! Check out our discounts here!

.308 Copper Projectile Shot Glass

Next on this budget-friendly bullet shot glass list is the .308 projectile whiskey shot glass for $18.99. Decorated with an American flag, patriotic folks will be drawn to this unique glass. What makes our shot glass so distinctive is that there is a real .308 copper projectile embedded in the side of the shot glass. Don’t forget to check out the other designs we have in addition to the American flag. These bullet shot glasses also come with the thin blue line American flag or an American flag skull proudly displayed on the glass. You can also buy a plain shot glass for a classier look.

.308 Caliber Shot Glass Gift Box

Another option in Old Southern Brass’s store is this bullet shot glass gift set. Neatly packaged in a real wooden box, this whiskey shot glass set comes with 2 .308 caliber shot glasses and 2 whiskey glasses. All glassware is embedded with a real, copper projectile and made with high-quality hand-blown glass. The shot glasses hold 1.5 ounces while the glasses hold 10 ounces. It’s nice to have multiple ways to drink your whiskey. Drink it neat or get fancy with a whiskey cocktail. With a set like this, you can serve and impress your guests! Buy this awesome package deal at just $59.99. 

2nd Amendment and Thin Blue Line 12 Gauge Shot Glass

Our 12 gauge shot glasses are modeled after 12-gauge shells and are made with durability in mind. These popular bullet shot glasses come in many themes, all perfect for the hard-working first responder, brave veteran, and proud American patriot. At just $14.99 for a set of 4, you can serve your friends 2-ounce pours of their favorite whiskey. Check out our thin blue line shot glasses and 2nd amendment shot glasses, two of our most popular themes. We have more decals within this selection, so don’t hesitate to browse through the other options.

Traditional Red 12 Gauge Shot Glass

If you’d rather skip the themed shot glasses and collect a more classic look, check out our traditional red 12 gauge shot glasses. This whiskey shot glass set of 4 is $14.99, but the more sets you buy, the more money you save! Hunters and shotgun enthusiasts will appreciate these 2-ounce whiskey shot glasses.

Don’t forget that a portion of our proceeds goes towards the Wounded Warrior Project! Support wounded veterans by supporting our unique small business.

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