The Manly Dwelling: How to Decorate a Man Cave

The Manly Dwelling: How to Decorate a Man Cave

The man cave is a special place men go to wind down and just… be dudes! What makes a man cave different from another room in the house is that it’s themed for manly activities. To make the most of your manly dwelling, you need to know how to decorate a man cave. 

What is a man cave?

The man cave can be any room, shed, or hangout space that you and your buddies go to chill out. In the man cave, you might watch the game, drink beer, fill up on chips and dip, play pool, gamble, or get a little rowdy with your buds! It’s the place where you can separate yourself from stress and take a break from the family. Everyone needs space!

How to Decorate a Man Cave

From man cave decor to furniture to snacks to activities, there is a lot to consider when you decorate your man cave. The frugal man might want to know how to decorate a man cave on a budget, and we’ve thought of that, too! We have 12 man cave ideas for you right here, and most of them won’t break the bank!



Kitchen / Bar

Keep a kitchen or bar in your man cave fully stocked with good drinks and the best snacks to feed a hungry and thirsty crowd of dudes! Stock your bar with specialized patriotic glassware for a true man cave vibe. Tip back your favorite drink with your buds in these unique 12 gauge shot glasses, perfect for the outdoorsman’s man cave.

No man cave is complete without beer. Impress your friends by sliding cold beer across the bar in Old Southern Brass’s patriotic glassware. These .50 caliber real bullet pint glasses are embedded with a real projectile!

Themed Bar Stools

Decorate the bar with a set of matching bar stools that align with the man cave theme. If you’re going for retro, look for bright red stools. If you’re going for a hunting theme, look for camouflage seats. We’ve seen seats with flames on them for the motorcyclists!

Comfy Armchairs and Couch

You and your buddies need a comfortable place to spread out and relax. Leather armchairs and couches are great options for the cave! This is the place you’ll be gaming and watching sports. The armchair also just might turn into the designated nap area.


Giant Flat Screen TV

You’ll need a large TV to watch the game on! Mount a flat-screen on the wall near the seating area. If you and your buddies are movie or tv show buffs, you should consider turning your man cave into a home theater complete with movie theater armchairs and a popcorn machine.

Pool Table and Arcade Games

A popular man cave addition is a classic pool table. Challenge your buddies to a game of pool in your manly hangout! Pool goes great with an arcade theme. Collect vintage arcade games and add them to the garage, shed, or wherever you’re setting up shop. 

Workout Equipment

Your meathead friends will love a good pull-up challenge in the man cave. Set up a pull-up bar and weight equipment for you and your buddies to get in a good pump before you throw back some beers!

Gaming Equipment

For the gamers, you can’t forget all of the essential gaming equipment. Whether you need PCs, keyboards, an Xbox, PlayStation, or controllers, there’s no better place to game than in the man cave.


Funny Manly Signs

No man cave is complete without man cave decor and good humor. Metal signs are essential decorations for the manspace. There are many funny man cave-themed signs out there to choose from! Anything that pokes fun at your hobbies or your life is applicable. You could also hang old license plates or old signs from a family business for some nostalgia and hominess. 

Colored Lights or Dimmed Lights

Good lighting is something to consider in your man cave. If you’re going for a home theater, it would be convenient to have lighting that dims. If you’re going for a retro vibe, multi-colored lights would be fun! Decorate the lighting according to your man cave theme.

Trophy Case

Expert golfer? Big-time gamer? Professional fisherman? Whatever your area of expertise, you probably have a collection of awards to show off to your friends! Put all of your medals and trophies on display in your man cave! They’ll look great on the wall next to the pool table. 

Big Game Mounts

Popular man cave ideas revolve around hunting and fishing. For the great outdoorsman, a man cave exists to show off his big game collection! Mount your taxidermy on the walls for a "cabin in the woods" vibe.


Another popular man cave decor option is posters. From the hot chick to the big buck to the shiny Harley, there are poster options for all types of manly hobbies and interests. Movie posters are perfect for the home theater!

Happy man cave decorating, everyone!

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