Freedom Flyer: Healthy, Manly New Year's Resolutions for Men in 2022

Freedom Flyer: Healthy, Manly New Year's Resolutions for Men in 2022


We’ve landed in a new year, and only foolish men believe they did everything right. The healthiest, most self-aware men are the ones who can reflect on the past year and decide how they are going to improve as they ride into the next year. In 2022, let’s focus on healthy goals for men. New year’s resolutions are for self-development. They exist to make you a better man.

Free yourself from bad habits this year.

Goal setting for 2022 can bring you calmness, simplicity, good health, and manliness all at once. Self-care is more commonly associated with women only because of the stigma built around mental health. Mental wellbeing is equally as important for men as it is for women. Manly men doing manly things can also be self-aware men doing self-aware things!

Ready to form healthy, manly habits in 2022? We’ve laid out goals, habits, and new year’s resolutions for even the manliest of men. 

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Men

Spend more time outdoors. 

You can never get enough time outdoors! Whether you’re a hunter, hiker, backpacker, or couch potato, the great outdoors has a lot to offer you. The more time you spend amongst the trees, the more grounded and calm you’ll feel. 

Find a hobby without the intention to make money.

Here’s a resolution for men who are trapped into thinking everything must be for a purpose. Why not do things simply because you enjoy them? You don’t have to assign a business plan to every extra hobby that takes up your time. Money tends to add stress to activities. Engage in a hobby just for fun and you’ll enjoy it so much more!

Write out your thoughts

Grab a pen and a journal and let your thoughts unwind onto paper. When your thoughts feel scrambled or your head feels chaotic, writing out your thoughts can solve your problems. Writing allows you to let your feelings out of your body and onto paper and it allows problems and solutions to surface in ink. Schedule time to write this year. Try doing it at night before bed or in the morning before you start your day.

Read self-help books for men

How to be a more manly man? The real manly man is self-reflective. He researches how to become a better version of himself so he can be a better man for others and for himself. This year, plop down in your favorite armchair and open up a good read for self-development. Two awesome self-help books for men include 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Exercise for the adventure.

Think of exercise as an adventure, not as a hassle. You’ll get in a killer workout for your lungs, heart, and muscles if you head outside and venture! Don’t force yourself to walk on the treadmill or lift weights if you dread those activities. Instead, get your workout in by biking, hiking, skiing, rock climbing, or playing sports with your pals!

Prioritize your sleep

Here’s a healthy resolution for the man who doesn’t get enough sleep. There are a lot of you out there. Did you know that you’re going to do much better work if you’re operating on the proper amount of sleep? Prioritize sleep this year by finding what works for you. Visit the doctor if you need to. Go get that sleep apnea diagnosed! Turn off the screen a couple of hours before bedtime. Learn to say “no” to others sometimes so you can get a healthy rest.

Schedule time to relax

Let your mind rest. We’re constantly stimulated in today’s world. There’s always more, more, more on our growing to-do lists. Give your mind a break by engaging in mind-numbing or relaxing activities. Watch some tv, read a book, or get a massage. Do something healthy that will let your mind forget about all the stress!

Check something off your bucket list.

You’re not getting any younger, my friend. There is no better time than the present to check something off your bucket list! Go somewhere new. Learn a new hobby. Start the business. Make memories with your loved ones. If you’re going to do anything this year, do something you’ve wanted to do forever! This year, you won’t have to say “one day” anymore.

Kick an unhealthy habit to the curb.

Here’s how to be a manly man in 2022. Conquer your biggest challenge. Kick that unhealthy habit! If something is weighing you down and preventing you from feeling happy or healthy, it’s time to let go. Muster up the discipline and courage it takes and take one step every single day. Over time, you’ll form a healthy habit to replace the unhealthy one. And you’ll be one proud dude!


This year, let your new year’s resolutions guide you on how to be a more manly man and how to be a healthier, happier, freer person.

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