Top Manly Hobbies for Veterans, Gun Enthusiasts, and Patriots

Top Manly Hobbies for Veterans, Gun Enthusiasts, and Patriots

The top manly hobbies for veterans, gun enthusiasts, and patriots are in. The top hobbies for men are the ones that engage your hands, lower your stress levels, and encourage your creative side. Our list of manly hobbies for men includes at-home projects that will keep you entertained and healthy activities for veterans and patriots. Whether you’re an outdoorsman or a couch potato, we’re confident you’ll find a hobby on our list that will suit you. 

Top Hobbies for Men

Manly Hobbies for the Manly Man


Gardening is a great hobby for men who like working with their hands. Get outside and enjoy the great outdoors with this popular hobby. Whether you want to build a garden to feed your family, grow beautiful flowers, or experiment with exotic plants, gardening is a satisfying, fulfilling, mindful, and stress-relieving activity that allows you to connect with nature and create something beautiful. Gardening and other outdoor activities are great hobbies for veterans who are looking for purpose and relaxation.


Woodworking is one of the best at-home projects for the handyman who likes to get his hands dirty. This task requires patience and the willingness to learn tedious techniques. It can be a challenging hobby, but with time and practice, you can create beautiful wooden creations! From furniture to sculptures to decorations to sheds, woodworking projects are impressive forms of art.

Car Restoration

Restoring old cars is a satisfying hobby for car enthusiasts. It’s also a much safer option than racing cars! Get out in the shop and get lost in your work as you turn old pieces of junk into functioning cars again. Another bonus of this unique manly hobby is that reusing old car parts is much better for the environment than buying new ones. Plus, if you get pretty talented at restoring cars, this hobby could make you a ton of money!

Beer Making

Beer lovers, did you know you can make your own beer at home? There are many simple, clean, and time-efficient brewing starter kits out there. This experimental at-home project is stress-relieving since it’s hands-on. Then, you can drink the final product! After you’ve filled bottles with your homemade beer, serve your guests with our 50 caliber pint glasses. Veterans, patriots, and gun enthusiasts will appreciate this patriotic glass because there’s a real projectile embedded in it!

Team Sports

Exercise improves cardiovascular health, improves sleep and energy levels, and reduces stress. Even better, it can be fun! Get involved in a sports team with a group of your friends and socialize while you work out. If you’re looking for a hobby where both your physical and mental health benefit, this one is it! Fun options include playing soccer, sand volleyball, tennis, or basketball.


Outdoorsman, this is a great hobby for you. Live primitively in nature by going camping. Whether you’re into backpacking or you’re more of an Airstream glamper, camping offers you the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Trees, lakes, and mountains are much better views than the tv screen.

Fishing and Hunting 

Get out on the lake and go fishing with your buddies or your kids. Or get into the woods to hunt big or small game. Fishing and hunting are peaceful, stress-relieving, and freezer-filling. Hands-on activities that feed the family are good ones to consider! 

Fishing and Hunting Trips

Take hunting or fishing a step further and make a weekend trip out of the sports. Why not make a little mancation out of it? Getting out in nature with a group of friends for a few days is a great way to kick back and relax. If you’re looking for a challenge and a great workout, go elk hunting in Colorado or Wyoming. If you’re successful, that elk will feed your whole tribe.

Man Cave Hangouts

If you enjoy kicking it back at home, you might want to make yourself a man cave hangout. Fill your shed or a spare room in the house with manly activities for you and your buddies. Then, decorate your man cave with patriotic glassware from Old Southern Brass. Our unique selection of patriotic glassware goes along perfectly with this list of activities for veterans!


Here’s an artistic hobby for the manly man with a creative side. Showcase your gun collection, hiking adventures, or fishing trips with photos. This hobby can make you money, too, if you’re willing to sell your photos or get paid to take other people’s photos.

We hope you can choose a hobby from this list that fits your needs and interests!