Christmas Gifts For Men At Every Price Point

Christmas Gifts For Men At Every Price Point

It is often said that men are simple creatures and if that were true, shouldn’t it be easy to find a Christmas gift for every man at every price point? Here at Old Southern Brass, we believe that is the case and we’re going to show you just how easy it can be. Now, if you are someone who just Googled “Christmas gifts for men under $5”, we can’t help you. If that’s your budget and you still want to find the perfect gift, we think that is awesome and might we suggest something of the sentimental variety. However, after that price point we’ve got something for every man and every price point. Most importantly, because we can ship most products within 1 to 3 business days from receipt, we’ve got a good chance to get that gift there in time for Christmas. That is unless you are reading this on Christmas Eve and if so, we’re Old Southern Brass and not Santa. Now, let’s get to those price points and the gifts that are sure to win this holiday season.

Christmas Gifts For Men Under $10 

What you will quickly discern here at Old Southern Brass is that we are unashamedly patriotic and lovers of all things pew, pew, pew. So, if you’re looking for a gift under $10 for a man who is offended by every sunrise and sunset, you’re out of luck. However, if you are looking for an affordable gift for men who love this country, we got you covered.

We’d recommend that you start out with our 2nd Amendment 50 BMG Keychain Bottle Opener. This keychain/bottle opener is engraved with the words of our beloved 2nd Amendment and is about as good as it gets or gifts under $10. It’s a perfect gift for a casual acquaintance as it doesn’t presume any equal or greater gifting in return. If he loves this nation then he loves the 2nd Amendment and you really can’t go wrong with such a cool practical gift that doubles as a bottle opener in the pocket. 

Christmas Gifts For Men Under $20

If $20 bucks is your budget and you want the biggest bang for your buck, we recommend you go shotgun style for the win. That is to grab any one of our sets of 12 Gauge Shot Glasses that are inscribed with any one of our patriotic themes that you wish. What makes this gift such a value is that for under $20 bucks you get a full set of 4 shot glasses.

If you’re looking for a shot glass with a little more stopping power, we also offer a 50 Caliber version shot glass with the words of our beloved 2nd Amendment. Those come in a set of 2 as opposed to 4, but you’ll still get both of them for under $20 bucks. 

Christmas Gifts For Men Under $30

This is the price point where it starts to get really good and we mean, really good. We offer a wide range of whiskey glasses and most are less than $30 bucks. We’ve got glasses for just about every patriotic theme you can imagine from the 2nd Amendment to the Declaration of Independence and beyond. For under $30 bucks you can even get an old fashioned rocks whiskey glass with a real bullet embedded in the side.

Now, if you have the budget we’d recommend getting the glasses in a pair or set of 4. We know this is the under $30 category, but you can actually find several of our whiskey glasses under $20 and some under $15. However, our rocks whiskey glasses are unique enough that they serve as an awesome stand alone gift. This means that for less than $20 bucks, you can give the man in your life a gift that keeps on giving as he can sip his whiskey in style and then literally rinse and repeat each night. 

Christmas Gifts For Men Under $50

When you kick the budget up to $50, you’re going to get a few more options and the ability to mix and match our various products. So maybe you go for a couple of unique whiskey rock glasses or you go for this complete set of ‘Merica whiskey rocks glasses and shot glasses. That’s 2 ‘Merica rocks glasses and 2 ‘Merica shot glasses with all four holding a real .308 bullet embedded in the side.

For less than $50 bucks, we also offer a couple of stand alone whiskey decanter options that are quite unique in their own right. You can get a whiskey decanter with a real bullet embedded in the same style as our whiskey glasses or you can grab a 12 Gauge Whiskey Decanter for your finest scotch or bourbon. 

Christmas Gifts For Men Under $100 And The Ultimate Win

By far and without question, the best value and the most amazing Christmas gift we offer is our full boxed whiskey decanter and glass sets. Now, we love every single thing we make her, but we absolutely love these sets. It combines all of the patriotic themes we offer and the beautiful hand blown glass you’ve come to love.

First of all, the glass whiskey decanters allow the whiskey to do all the talking as opposed to the label on a bottle. It allows your guests to taste the whiskey without judgment or reservation for what they are about to experience. The set looks beautiful sitting on the desk or shelf of a man cave and the patriotic personalization you can choose speaks to a man’s soul. If you have $100 bucks to spend on Christmas, this is where you spend it for the ultimate win. 

Buying A Christmas Gift For Men Is Easy At Old Southern Brass

You can spend the next few hours scouring the internet in search of the perfect gift, but we have a nagging suspicion that you’ll wind up back here sooner or later. That’s because you know your man and you understand his love of country, firearms, and whiskey. That’s what brought you here in the first place. Regardless of your budget, you can’t go wrong here.

Again, there is still time to get your gift under the tree for the holidays. You will want to act now as shipping and supply chain issues can be unpredictable the closer you get to Christmas. If you can’t find something for your ‘Merica man and lover of all things 2A on our website, don’t hesitate to reach out and see if we can offer a greater level of customization. If you are looking for a bulk order to give to your employees as Christmas gifts, you’re also going to want to act now.

With that, we’ll leave you to your shopping and we hope that this holiday season brings you joy, plenty of ammo and all the 2A freedom you deserve. 

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