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Guns, Shot Glasses, Gratitude—Gifts for Patriotic Americans

The holidays give us an occasion to be grateful for those intangible things in life, such as family and friends, and gifts make a tangible way to convey our gratitude and appreciation. Although this time of the year is filled with hustle and bustle, it makes the perfect opportunity to slow down and put thought into a special gift that shows people just how much we appreciate them.

If you have people in your life who have served our country, who love our country, and who are willing to stand up for what is right in our country, you probably wish you could package up all the wonderful things about America into one gracious gift.

Since we already have the best gift of all—freedom—Old Southern Brass has created an expression of how our freedom was fought and won and then celebrated. With unique shot glasses and other patriotic gifts, you can find something for just about everyone on your list.

unique shot glasses

Showing Gratitude with an American Attitude

The holiday season begins in November with holidays geared toward gratitude. Whether you bring a hostess gift when celebrating Thanksgiving or hand out personalized military gifts when remembering veterans, gratitude kicks off the gift-giving season.

In a country rich in freedoms, nothing paints the picture of gratitude more than giving gifts to the grateful Americans you know and love, gifts that reflect the greatness of America. What started as a unique idea has become the greatest, most powerful nation in the world. Thanks to our Constitution and the men and women who fight to uphold and protect it, we have become the most freedom-rich nation the world has ever seen.

In no other country can you have one professional athlete kneel in the face of freedom while another one changes his name to Freedom. In no other country can you respect the office of your highest leader while also exercising your freedom to openly criticize the person in power. In no other country do men and women in the military fight so hard to maintain our freedom while others at home fight hard to restrict it. But this was the grand experiment that our founders created centuries before, and make no mistake that the rest of the world watches in wonder and awe.

For those people who love our country, certain symbols beyond our grand old flag represent freedom. When you consider the wars fought, the lives lost, and the freedom we’ve maintained throughout the decades, it’s no wonder that guns are a tangible symbol of freedom. In so many other countries, you may be armed on the battlefield, but you’re not legally allowed to have weapons in civilian life. Not so in America.

One of the earliest established rights in our country was the right to bear arms. The second amendment in the Bill of Rights was ratified in 1791 when the memory of the British attempting to disarm the colonists was still fresh and raw. Guns in America don’t simply represent how freedom was fought for and won, but they also represent how we protect our personal freedoms and ensure that the balance of power in our government remains just that—balanced and representing the people, not just the people in positions of power.

For Americans who understand their rights, and especially for those who fought for those rights, unique shot glasses and other patriotic gifts uphold that symbol of personal freedom and gratitude for our country.

unique shot glasses

Ways to Celebrate America During the Holidays

The Fourth of July is an obvious day for celebrating American freedoms, but the holidays are the perfect time to show your gratitude for America and the Americans who fought for our freedoms. Celebrating America shouldn’t be relegated to one day a year or a couple of token barbecues followed by fireworks. Celebrating America means appreciating America, and that should be done the whole year round. Consider putting America front and center during your holidays this year by:

  • Talking about the greatness and strength of America: Those who want to restrict our freedoms and change our history do so by controlling the narrative. One of the best ways you can celebrate America is how you would celebrate any friend or family member you loved dearly—talk about them. When you’re remembering a friend or loved one, you share stories that exhibit that person’s character to help explain how great a friend or family member that person was. America is no different. To help people understand how great America is, don’t be afraid to talk about American stories of heroism and greatness. From the writing of the Declaration of Independence to taking out terrorists, America has a story of greatness that needs to be shared.
  • Helping veterans and their families in need: Those who fought for our country and their families may have special needs during the holidays. Reaching out to reputable organizations to help veterans in need shows your gratitude for their sacrifice.
  • Giving out unique gifts that represent all things America: You may have many people who don’t need a thing or are terribly hard to shop for. If those people love this country or fought for this country, you can find unique gifts from Old Southern Brass. From whiskey glasses and flasks to shot glasses and bottle openers, you’ll find an array of gifts that celebrate America and those who love her.

The holidays are a perfect time to give gifts to show your appreciation for someone. Old Southern Brass has the perfect gift that not only shows your gratitude for a person but also your gratitude for your country. Celebrate the greatness of America with gifts for those you love from Old Southern Brass.

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