best gifts for men

Spreading Holiday Cheer

Being merry and bright helps to lift the holiday spirit in others, but gifts never hurt either. In fact, some of the best gifts for men are those that actually hold spirits! Old Southern Brass offers unique shot glasses and other barware perfect for any military man or someone who just loves America.

Whether you want personalized military gifts, a patriotic set of shot glasses, or travel mugs and tumblers, Old Southern Brass has something for every man on your list. So if you want to really spread some holiday cheer, it’s never too late to snag that perfect gift, and this post lists all the ways you can help lift spirits (in glassware) this Christmas.

best gifts for men

Raising a Glass to Spread Holiday Cheer

Toasting can be traced back to ancient Greece if not earlier. Ancient Greeks would raise a glass to a god, say a prayer, and then drink from the cup, and this practice may well have translated into performing the same ritual for fellow men. A picture of toasting is captured in The Odyssey, where we see Odysseus toasting the health of Achilles.

Throughout time, toasting has been a time for men to raise a glass in honor of another and to say something meaningful about that person. At times of war, family gatherings, and even in the political arena, men have incorporated speeches of honor with raising a glass to another in respect. This time-honored tradition of toasting has strong roots in what it means to be a man and to give others the respect they deserve. Whether it be Odysseus at war or the best man at a wedding, toasting has always been a way to honor another, and toasting just adds so much to a gathering. A toast

  • Adds a bit of drama: When a gathering pauses for a toast, everyone is ready to listen to a beautiful speech. Whether you inject humor, heart, or both in a toast, toasting someone offers a dramatic moment to your event.
  • Allows you to communicate your feelings: For men, toasting another offers a safe space to say things you may not normally feel comfortable sharing. It allows you to open up to others in a meaningful way.
  • Brings everyone together: Whether you realize it or not, you often communicate out loud what other people are thinking when you give a toast. When someone truly deserves your respect, you’re rarely the only one in the room who feels that way. Toasting allows everyone to chime in and often encourages other people to offer toasts as well. Even if there was some negativity, which is often the case at holiday gatherings, a toast gives a common ground that most people can typically agree on.
  • Elevates the mood: Let’s face it—when you give people a reason to throw back their glasses and cheer, it’s just plain fun. You aren’t likely to meet anyone who doesn’t enjoy a good toast because it simply makes everyone happy and lighthearted.

best gifts for men

This holiday season, you can raise a personalized whiskey glass or a bullet shot glass in honor of those who have fought bravely for our country, for those who continue to protect it, and for those who love this country. But you can gift to others, not just a beautiful toast, but also a unique set of shot glasses to give the toast with. When it comes to gifts for men, nothing sets you up better to be the toast of the town than to give your friends and family some of the best gifts for men, available only through Old Southern Brass.

Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers, like real bullet bottle openers, or a gift box with a beautifully crafted decanter set of whiskey glasses, you can find premium gifts for the men in your life. Consider not just the military men but also the police officers or anyone who loves the U.S. Constitution and this country. Gifts like bullet shot glasses make great gifts for a party host this holiday season, a coworker, or a friend or family member.

Selecting the Best Gifts for Men

Men are considered some of the most difficult people to shop for. They typically don’t ask for anything, don’t need anything, and often don’t use the gifts they are given. So if you’re on the hunt for a good gift for the men in your life, consider giving them something they’ll not only love but also use.

Nothing makes a gift-giver happier than seeing someone using and enjoying their gift. So if you know someone who loves his guns and his country and likes to raise a glass to the good old U.S.A. then get him more than just a fine whiskey this year. After all, what happens when the whiskey is gone?

Instead, pair a fine whiskey with a gift set of glasses and a 12-gauge decanter to really blow him away. You can even personalize the glasses to make this gift set even more special. You can be confident that your gift will get used, and even when the whiskey is gone, the glasses will still get a lot of mileage.

Even if you have men in your life who would love personalized military gifts but may not drink alcohol that much or at all, remember that shot glasses can be used beyond drinking. You can still give them unique shot glasses that they can use for shot glass desserts, shrimp shots, and more. Unique glassware was made for unique uses, and the holiday season is the perfect time to introduce your friends and family to the perfect gift for men from Old Southern Brass.

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