Cool Hunting Gifts For Dads That Love To Hunt

Cool Hunting Gifts For Dads That Love To Hunt

If you are blessed to call a man who knows how to take out his rifle and put food on the table, let’s go ahead and admit that you’ve been blessed with a cool dad. Chances are that he has passed this hunting knowledge on to you and whether it is an upcoming birthday or father’s day, good old dad deserves the very best. Now, we’ve found that men who hunt not only tend to be some of the most patriotic individuals on the planet, but they are staunch supporters of the 2nd Amendment and know full well that 2A wasn’t intended only for hunting. So, we’re going to show you some gifts directly related to hunting and gifts that cool dads who love to hunt will just go crazy for. After all, it’s not hard for us to put ourselves in the shoes of dads who love to hunt because much of the team here at Old Southern Brass are themselves dads who love to hunt. However, you know your dad better than we do and so we’re going to show you some options and let you be the hero this gifting season.

Gifts For Dad From Little Ones With Wee Little Budgets

Whether it is for dad’s birthday or father’s day, you don’t need a big budget to warm dad's heart. He loves his little ones regardless of what they give him. However, if you are a young one searching for a gift or perhaps a mom helping her kids find the perfect gift that they can pay for with their own money, we’ve got you covered.

There is not a dad who hunts in this country from sea to shining sea that will not absolutely love one of our Bullet Bottle Openers. They are priced well within the allowance or chore range of a young one where they can genuinely say that they paid for it themselves. It's a cool gift that good ole dad will be proud to show to his buddies while opening a cold one after a long day on the hunt.

You’ll also notice from the indented primer that every single one of these rounds have been fired. This means that every single bottle opener has an element of unique charm to it and you can even get customized messaging on top of that. These real bullets make the perfect gift for the dad who loves to hunt.

Cool Gifts For Dads Who Love To Hunt Deer

We love and adore hunters of all stripes here at Old Souther Brass. However, we’ve had a soft spot for deer hunters ever since we saw one take out the terrorist known as Bambi’s mom in the classic Disney movie. Cry all you want young Bambi, but mom had it coming and that jerky wasn’t going to make itself.

Deer hunting is a quintessential American pastime and dads that know how to bag a deer deserve something special. For the dads who love to hunt deer, we’re going to recommend our Deer Hunter American Flag Rocks Whiskey Glass. It is made from beautiful craftsman glass that will not only show off his favorite pastime, but will show off good whiskey that every deer hunting dad deserves.

Dads Who Hunt Deserve A Gift That Celebrates The 2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment is the amendment that secures all the others and we all know that it was sure as hell meant for a lot more than hunting. That’s why we’ve crafted an entire line of products that celebrate this amendment and we are highly confident that any dad who hunts will appreciate their offspring understanding what 2A is all about.

For that dad who loves hunting, 2A, and fine whiskey, we’re going to recommend our 2nd Amendment Whiskey Rocks Glass with a Real Bullet embedded in the side. That’s a real copper bullet combined with the beautiful words of our beloved 2A that will make any whiskey go down just a little smoother and taste a bit more like freedom.

Dads Who Hunt Will Talk About This Next Gift For Years To Come

Now, short of hunting down, killing, and bringing your dad the stuffed body of Sasquatch himself, this next gift we’re going to show you is perhaps the best gift you can give. That’s because there really is nothing else like it and there is absolutely zero chance he already has one. We’re talking about our AR-15 Glass Decanter with 2nd Amendment Whiskey Glasses.

You read that correctly. This is a glass AR-15 that will hold 28 ounces of your favorite whiskey mounted on a real wooden gun rack that makes for a perfect display when not in use. There is just nothing else like it and it will look great in a study, out at the hunting cabin, or anywhere else dad chooses to show it off. Now, if you think that is a bit much for dad, we do offer a great line of more modest Whiskey Decanter And Glass Sets that you can offer him. They are pretty awesome in their own right, but it’s just not an AR-15 full whiskey.

Gifts For Dads Who Hunt Are About Showing Thanks And Respect

No dad is perfect and fatherhood certainly doesn’t come with a manual when you first have a child. However, dads who hunt and install that ethos and respect for nature and this nation in their children are doing at least one thing right. Whether it is for dad’s birthday, father’s day, or retirement, choosing a thoughtful gift that lets him know that you understand and respect him is what every dad truly wants.

Dads who hunt and love this nation are a special breed and we are thrilled to honor them with any of our products. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We can offer a wide array of customization and it never hurts to ask. In the meantime, we’ll leave you to shop for good ole dad and be sure you let him know you love him while you can. There are many of us who would love one more hug, one more early morning hunt, and one more chance to let dad know how much he meant to us. Dads are awesome, but dads who hunt are just a little bit more.

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