Best Patriotic Gifts For Men In 2023

Best Patriotic Gifts For Men In 2023

With the drums of war beating in Europe and the Pacific, there’s never been a time to be more thankful for the patriotic man in your life. We may not know what the rest of 2023 will hold, but we know the future security of our nation will depend on such men. That’s why we believe now is the time to honor such men and with a series of holidays that allow you to do so in style, we’d like to suggest a few gifts for such occasions. We’re going to run through the rest of the holidays coming up this year and just know that it is entirely possible to buy early in the year. When it comes to patriotic gifts, demand and shipping gets a little tight running up to the holidays. As such, why buy later what you can buy and hide away today for your patriotic man. Now, let’s run right through the upcoming holidays and see where that takes us.

Patriotic Gifts For Men On Valentine’s Days 2023

You’ve still got a couple of weeks until the holiday of love and yet, that’s still enough time to get a great gift for you patriotic man in your hands. Now, the good thing about Valentine’s Day is that if you did miss the deadline, you can still just offer your Patriotic man a Netflix and Chill night until the gift arrives. Trust us, he’ll be just as happy. We’d suggest something along the lines of a good war movie and then well, the rest is up to you.

We think a gift that says it all is our We The People Patriotic American Flag Decanter Whiskey  Glass Set. It’s a beautiful gift wrapped in patriotism and hopefully filled with fine top shelf whiskey as opposed to some bottle shelf garbage. Most importantly, it is a gift that says you both understand him and you respect him for the patriotic role that he plays in his country. Many like to malign or mock the ‘Merica style man, but you show him some love with this amazing gift and you’ll win his heart.

Now, on the off chance your man was a little “disappointing” during last Netflix and Chill night and you still realize you need to give him a nice gift that doesn’t scream, “marry me”, we have some easy low key gifts that are still cool. We’d suggest one of our cool bullet keychain bottle openers that says “you gave it your best shot champ”, but “I still respect your patriotism.”

You Don’t Need To Give A Gift For Memorial Day In 2023

We’re not going to suggest any gifts here, but rather just use this section as a public service announcement. Far too many misunderstand the meaning of Memorial Day and believe it is synonymous with Veteran’s Day. Nothing could be further from the truth and if the patriotic man in your life served in the military, he is aware of that fact.

Memorial Day is for the fallen and that is those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country. The truth is that many surviving combat veterans often feel a little guilt about surviving when their buddies die and giving them a gift is just a little salt on the wound. They usually don’t say anything, but they feel it. If you know the patriotic man in your life who lost buddies overseas, just offer to have a drink with him in their honor. He’ll appreciate that and we give you full permission to do so in a fine whiskey glass not crafted by us.

A Patriotic Gift To Give Your Man Just Because It Is The Fourth Of July In 2023

The Fourth Of July is not your traditional gifting holiday, but for the great American Patriot, it’s kind of a big deal. It’s the anniversary of the day America wrote the greatest breakup letter of all time. That was the day we told the greatest military power of the day that, “it’s not us, it’s you, we don’t like you anymore and we’d rather die than be with you again.” Epic breakup.

 As such, why not celebrate this day by giving the patriotic man in your life the Declaration of Independence on a Handcrafted Whiskey Decanter and Glass set. Again, the great thing about giving such a gift on the 4th of July is that he is not really going to be expecting it. You simply hand him the gift and say, “when I saw this, I thought of you.” No promises, but he might actually ask you to marry him when you do this. If you’re not ready for marriage, you can still hook him up with a cool Declaration of Independence whiskey glass that’s friendlier on the budget.

Military Service Oriented Gifts For Veteran’s Day In 2023

 If you really wanted to give your patriotic man a gift on Memorial Day, but you realized that wasn’t his day, now is your chance. Veteran’s Day comes in November and is the day to celebrate every man or woman who has worn the uniform. It doesn’t matter if they never deployed or served overseas, this day is for them all.

As such, we have a host of military themed gifts that you can offer up on this day. A very specific gift that will strike a chord with him is our Military Oath of Enlistment Whiskey Glass. Every enlisted personnel who served will have remembered taking this oath, mostly at a young age, and the nostalgia and patriotic fervor it invokes is invigorating. Officers take something called the Oath of Office which is slightly different.

Whether your patriotic man is an officer or enlisted, you can still get them a customized Military Service Branch whiskey glass with official rank. The key is just to find out what rank they were when they exited the military. If they are still serving, this also makes a great gift to give when they are promoted to a new rank.

A Patriotic Gift For Every Occasion and For Every Patriot In 2023

Clearly we didn’t cover every single holiday, but our gifts still work for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas and more. The patriot in your life is a patriot 24/7 and 365 days a year. Chances are you know this because a patriot is proud to wear it on their sleeve. They love guns, whiskey, the United States of America and hopefully you as well.

If you don’t see a gift that you think your patriotic man would love, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We offer a great deal of customization and we are always eager to hear what products our patriots want. We are unapologetically patriotic and the thought of a sad patriot without a good whiskey glass to enjoy the finest whiskey vexes our hearts. Don’t let that be your man in 2023 and let’s get him a gift that shows him just how much you appreciate him.

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