Why Patriotic Whiskey Glasses For Your Man’s Birthday Is The Ultimate Gift In 2023

Why Patriotic Whiskey Glasses For Your Man’s Birthday Is The Ultimate Gift In 2023

Now, we are going to qualify that title by clarifying that if your man is an easily offended snowflake who can’t find an ounce of love for this great nation of ours, you can stop reading. We’ve got nothing for you and unless you want to scare your “man” away, the last thing you want to do is give him one of our products for his birthday. That being said, if your man is a proud Patriot and lover of all things pew, pew, pew; we’re going to help you absolutely win when it comes to gifting for his upcoming birthday in 2023. That’s because nothing goes better together than patriotism, firearms and good whiskey. In fact, we’d like to submit that you can’t write the history of this nation without firearms and whiskey. It is with that history in mind that we would like to take you on this journey to finding the perfect gift for your patriotic man on his birthday in 2023.

George Washington Would Approve Of Patriotic Whiskey Glasses

People often assume that Washington’s only affiliation with whiskey was when suppressed the Whiskey Rebellion in the late 1700’s. When, in fact, Washington was known to insist that adequate stocks of whiskey traveled with his army during the American Revolution. He even directed his army to steal rum or whiskey if “necessities are so great.”

Now, we’re not suggesting you go out and steal whiskey for your man’s birthday this year, but then again, if “necessities are so great”, you do you. However you tactically acquire your whiskey, you will need a fine whiskey rocks glass to enjoy it. That’s where we come in and we offer an amazing array of whiskey rocks glasses with patriotic theming.

Fine whiskey should be enjoyed in a clear glass that allows the whiskey to speak for itself. That’s why we emblazon our patriotic themes upon the glass in a manner that still allows the whiskey to talk. The messaging on the outside then becomes the conversation piece for patriots to sit around the fire and discuss.

Patriotic Whiskey Rocks Glasses With A Real Bullet For The Win

Wherever patriots gather together, you will also find genuine lovers of the 2nd Amendment and all things firearms. The reality is that we wouldn’t have the great American experiment without the 2nd Amendment and should that amendment ever find itself on the outside of the constitution looking in, our country’s demise is sure to follow.

In keeping with that truth, we offer an array of rocks whiskey glasses that have both a real copper bullet embedded in the side as well as whiskey glasses with the words of the beloved 2nd Amendment. You can have one or the other as well as both if you so please. Just know that we recommend purchasing at least 2 as good whiskey is best enjoyed with company or a full set of four in order to have enough to entertain.

Personalize The Whiskey Glass For Your Specific Man’s Birthday

While any of our whiskey glasses are a fine gift for any patriot, we also offer products that speak more to your specific man. For example, if your man puts on the badge and protects us from harm each day, why not honor his service with our Thin Blue Line Whiskey Glass. It’s a great way to celebrate the sheepdog in your life as well as thank him for what he does every day on our behalf.

If military service is how the man in your life answers the call to serve, we have an Oath of Enlistment whiskey rocks glass that will remind him of the day it all began. Military service is an honor and should be rightly celebrated in one’s life. We know the modern snowflake would like to malign both law enforcement and military alike, which is why we go out of our way to rub it in their face. We are unapologetically patriotic and supporters of the boys in blue here at Old Southern Brass and that will never change.

Kick It Up A Notch With A Full Whiskey Glass And Decanter Set

Finally, if you have the budget and you want to really show your appreciation for your man’s patriotic beliefs this year, why not go with a full whiskey glass and decanter set? We say, “if you have the budget” only because it is pricier than an individual glass. However, For under $100 bucks, this full set is within reach of any and all.

We like decanters as the perfect home for fine whiskey and others to enjoy the look and taste of the whiskey without all the preconceived notions that a label often brings to the table. Just let your friends taste, enjoy and then appreciate the whiskey for itself. We offer all the same patriotic themes and beautiful glass that our individual whiskey glasses offer.

Make Your Patriotic Man’s 2023 Birthday One To Remember

The truth is that birthdays come every year and if a birthday doesn’t come around in a particular year, something has gone terribly wrong. It can be difficult to find a new gift that will impress your man after many years celebrated together. That’s why we believe our whiskey glasses are the ultimate gift this year, because we understand just how truly unique they are.

Unless you’ve shopped from us before, the patriot in your life doesn’t have anything like this and if he didn’t even know such products existed, he will be floored when he opens the box. If you don’t see the customization that you desire on our webpage, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here for you this birthday season because patriots like the man you are shopping for are here for us every single day. Now, we’ll let you move on to picking the one gift to rule them all for your man’s birthday this year.

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