glass whiskey decanters

Top 5 Valentine’s Gifts for the Guy Who Loves ‘Merica and the Second Amendment

The holidays may be over, but the gift-giving holidays don’t stop in the new year. In fact, Valentine’s Day gives you a great opportunity to highlight that one thoughtful gift for the man you love. While flowers and chocolates are a staple for women on Valentine’s Day, men who enjoy whiskey and who love America and the Second Amendment require some rugged refinement.

If someone you love loves his country and his guns, Old Southern Brass has the gifts that are sure to hit the mark on Valentine’s Day. This post walks you through the top five gifts you can give your special man on Valentine’s Day by giving you categories that can help you narrow down your choices to anything from a glass whiskey decanter to customized shot glasses.

glass whiskey decanters

Finding the Perfect Gift for the Man in Your Life

Valentine’s Day gives you a chance to get creative. While you may shower your man with gifts at Christmas, Valentine’s Day gives you the perfect opportunity to put together that one perfect gift. With Old Southern Brass, you can find a wide variety of patriotic gifts, but narrowing them down to the perfect one may prove challenging.

To help you find the best gift for your man this Valentine’s Day, we’ve broken up our gift list into categories to make narrowing down the perfect gift even easier:

  • For the man who loves America: When it comes to patriotic gifts for men, Old Southern Brass offers an endless variety of unique choices. From a whiskey glass simply bearing our nation’s wondrous flag or an entire whiskey set—decanter and four glasses—with the preamble to the Constitution written on them, you can find a wide array of patriotic gifts to fit your man’s passion for our great nation.

Whether your man serves our country in the Armed Forces or his community as a police officer, you can find customized gifts to fit his area of service. If he’s heavily involved in following politics or studying our nation’s history, you might consider some drinkware on which the Declaration of Independence or the Betsy Ross flag is prominently displayed.


  • For the man who loves to take a shot with his friends: If the one you love and adore loves to have friends over, giving him a set of shot glasses can make you woman of the year. From time with the guys to spreading holiday cheer, a set of shot glasses gives him a gift he’ll not only use and enjoy often, but you’re also letting him know that you both respect his need to hang out with his buddies as well as encourage it.

You can select from a variety of styles, including 12-gauge or 50-cal for a truly unique gift. Some shot glasses even come with the Second Amendment, the preamble to the Constitution, or the thin red line American flag printed directly on them. Make the gift even more special by giving him a shot glass personalized with his name, branch of service, or rank.


  • For the man who loves whiskey: If your man enjoys whiskey, don’t just buy him a special bottle of the good stuff—that’s what a good friend would do. Instead, find him something uniquely personal to go along with a good bottle of whiskey. From a 12-gauge glass whiskey decanter to an entire five-piece set that includes a decanter and four whiskey glasses, you can find a whiskey-lover gift that is as unique as your man.

You can choose from a wide variety of glasses and sets with a wide array of options. You can select whiskey glasses with a real bullet suspended in them or find a personalization option that would be meaningful to him. From the Kentucky bourbon trail and the thin blue line flag to the Second Amendment or the Constitution, you can find an option that shows how well you know what matters most to him.

 glass whiskey decanters

  • For the man who loves the Second Amendment: If your man understands the need to support and fight for the Second Amendment, you can wow him with a customized gift, specially designed for advocates of gun rights. From unique whiskey glasses with real bullets embedded in the wall of the glass to 12-gauge and 50-cal shot glasses, you have a variety of specialty drinkware to choose from.

When looking at the different types of drinkware from Old Southern Brass, you can also find glasses with unique customizations, perfect for someone who honors the Second Amendment. You can find glasses with the amendment itself or an ode to it written on them, glassed designed especially for the deer hunter, or even bottle openers made from authentic 50-cal casings or a shotgun shell that does double duty as both a bottle opener and corkscrew.


  • For the man who loves the military: Whether you man served our country, is currently serving our country, or supports those who do, you can find patriotic drinkware and barware as the perfect gift. The 50-cal shot glasses or glasses with a real bullet embedded offer a unique nod to his love for the military, and for the man who is serving or has served, the whiskey glass with the Oath of Enlistment shows his commitment to the military as done a glass customized for a specific branch of service.

Regardless of whether your man loves the Second Amendment, his whiskey, or his country, you won’t have trouble finding him the perfect gift to express your love. In fact, with Old Southern Brass, you may have trouble narrowing it down to just one.

The key to the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day is understanding what your man is passionate about—besides you, of course! Showing your man that you appreciate his enthusiasm and support for his guns or his country can help guide you to the perfect gift. With Old Southern Brass, you can find that unique patriotic gift—from glass whiskey decanters to patriotic shot glasses—that shows him just how much you love him and his passion for what’s important to him.

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