Valentine’s Gifts For Men Who Love Whiskey, Guns, And ‘Merica

Valentine’s Gifts For Men Who Love Whiskey, Guns, And ‘Merica

If your man loves whiskey, we know that it might be tempting to reach for the latest batch of single barrel whiskey this Valentine’s Day. If he loves guns, we understand the allure or purchasing him some more ammo and if he loves the United States of America, buying him some patriotic swag seems on point. We’re not saying you’re wrong, we’re just submitting that you might not have to pick just one. Men who love whiskey typically love guns and men who love both are often patriotic because guns and whiskey are pretty much the entire history of the American Revolution. If all of the above sounds like your man, then we’ve got exactly what you need to show him that you appreciate him and most importantly that you understand him. In addition, we’re going to explain why he loves these items so that you can surprise him with some patriotic pillow talk this Valentine’s Day. Let’s jump right in.

Whiskey And Firearms Forged This Great Nation

George Washington would often write that whiskey was as important to keep on proper supply as bandages and bullets. Whether it was keeping the men warm during Valley Forge or just keeping their spirits up during the dark days of the revolution, you truly can’t write the history of this nation without mentioning the role of whiskey.

In fact, the birthplace of the United States Marine Corps was in a bar at Tun Tavern in 1775. Get some rowdy men liquored up enough to sign a contract and voila, you’ve got yourself the nation’s finest fighting force that whiskey and money can buy.

Then throughout all the whiskey drinking, you’ve got firearms which, for Americans, represents our ability to stand up against tyranny. The 2nd Amendment is the 2nd one on the Bill of Rights for a reason. It is the right that secures all other rights and without the 2nd Amendment, we would not have the country that we have today. If you can repeat these lines during Valentine’s Day pillow talk, you’ll double the impact of the gifts we’re going to describe below. 

Why Whiskey And Firearms Makes The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift For

Our Valentine’s Day gifts for men combine the spirit and history of this great nation by forging firearms and whiskey together with a patriotic flair. As just an example, we think the man in your life would love this Old Fashioned Whiskey Rocks Glass with a real bullet embedded in the side. He just might propose when he realizes the glass has the words of the 2nd Amendment engraved up on it.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Those words mean something to men like yours and all the more so as we live in an era where people like to ignore that last, “shall not be infringed” part of the amendment.

Now, please don’t hold us to that “he might propose” pledge, but we can guarantee he will love it. On the off chance you have a man who loves whiskey, but isn’t the most outdoor rugged carry a firearm guy, we still have you covered. A simple Rocks Whiskey Glass with the Constitution of the United States emblazoned upon it will get the job done. That is, as long as he loves the Constitution and if he doesn’t, 

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men At Every Stage Of The Relationship

One of the key things for a woman to navigate when it comes to the nailing the Valentine’s Day gift is getting a gift that speaks to the appropriate level of the relationship. Go too big too early and he’ll think you are in the hunt for a ring. Go too small too far into the relationship and he’ll wonder if you are into it. Now, we’ll tell you that any of our Bullet Glassware hits right in the middle of that. It’s an awesome gift for the patriot who loves guns and whiskey, but is not presumptuous either way.

If this is a new budding relationship in the weeks and maybe a month stage, it may be the case that you’re unsure how far to go. For you, we’d recommend a set of our 12 Gauge Shot Glasses. It’s a cool personalized gift that says you know him, but don’t need him to put a ring on it yet. If you are ready for him to put a ring on it and know you’re in this for the long haul, let’s go big with one of our full Patriotic Whiskey and Decanter Glass Sets. It’s a gift that says you know him, love him and this would look great in our new home together.

As a quick side note, if you’ve got some guy that you are totally trying to keep in the friend zone, but he went and bought you something on Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered too. A cool keychain bullet bottle opener says the dude is a friend, but let’s keep it that way. Or maybe you do like the guy, but you just met him a week or two ago and that is unfortunately, right before Valentine’s Day. This is an appropriate early level gift as well. 

Cool Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

We know the Valentine’s Day gifting experience can be stressful and even harder for the man who seems to just buy whatever he wants himself. What men often don’t do for themselves is get something personalized or specific to who they are. Many men are subtle like that, but absolutely love it when the women in our lives get it for us. As long as you know your man, we offer enough personalized gift selections that ensures you will win this Valentine’s Day.

You can’t go wrong if he is a patriot who loves whiskey and guns with our selection. If your man is a snowflake who cries at the thought of a tree being logged, well, you might need to keep shopping. For all other ladies looking to please their man this Valentine’s Day, we’ll leave you to peruse, shop and purchase with confidence. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need to inquire about more detailed customization. 

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