Freedom Flyer: Why Do We Drink Whiskey on St. Patrick's Day?

Freedom Flyer: Why Do We Drink Whiskey on St. Patrick's Day?


St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17 every year with parades, parties, alcohol, green food, green outfits, and more green! Many people tend to go all out for this holiday, painting their bodies green and drinking enough whiskey to keep a fat Irish man happy. But many people don’t actually know why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Let’s dive deeper into this unique holiday and why we celebrate it.

So, what is St. Patrick’s Day?

Though this green Irish holiday is festive and lively, it is the anniversary of the death of Ireland’s patron saint, Saint Patrick. He died around 460 AD, but this religious holiday honoring Saint Patrick wasn’t established until 1631. Saint Patrick, born in Roman Britain, was known for bringing Christianity to Ireland after being captured by Irish raiders when he was 16. 

The holiday we celebrate today is a product of Irish immigrants in America, who established parades in major U.S. cities and continued to grow their population across the country. As their population increased, St. Patrick’s Day festivities became more popular. By the time the 1900s rolled around, Americans everywhere were eating, drinking, and wearing green on March 17! Green is a national symbol of pride for Ireland, which is why this holiday represents this bright, natural grassy color. Parades, leprechauns, and green shamrocks continue to come around every March 17 in honor of Saint Patrick.


Why do we drink whiskey on St. Pat’s?

Now that we understand the history of the holiday, why is Irish whiskey such a popular drink on St. Patrick’s Day? Well, this holiday lands right in the middle of lent, a special occasion where Christians refrain from certain indulgences like drinking alcohol. The church makes an exception for St. Patrick’s Day, which is why drinking is so popular on this holiday. Whiskey and beer are Ireland’s two native drinks. Irish whiskey was one of the earliest distilled spirits in Europe, and the first record of Irish whiskey dates back to 1405!

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On St. Patrick’s Day, Irish whiskey is the beverage of choice. Get your Irish pride on and fill your glasses with Jameson, Jack Daniels, or Bushmills! We’ll be celebrating here at Old Southern Brass, too. If you’ll be kicking it at home or hosting a party this March 17, stock your liquor cabinet and collections with a high-quality whiskey glass set in honor of Saint Patrick!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, whiskey lovers!

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