Which Type of Brass Lighter Do Smokers Love to Carry?

Which Type of Brass Lighter Do Smokers Love to Carry?


You deserve a reliable brass lighter; one that is comfortable, durable, long-lasting, and styled just for you. Whatever you’re cooking, burning, heating, or smoking, we’re here to help make your experience smoother and more relaxing by assisting you in the search for the best lighters.

At Old Southern Brass, we specialize in bullet glassware and products for the proud American patriot. Amidst our patriotic collection, we carry a 50 BMG lighter you’ll love. The perfect brass lighter for you might sit right in our store!

Before we preach our products, we want to layout the important factors to consider when buying a lighter. We’re making your search for the best lighters simple and easy by providing you with a guide that will help you choose the right lighter for you. Check out our tips below!

How to choose a lighter.


First, it’s important to set a budget for yourself. A high-quality brass lighter can cost a fortune at some stores! The truth is, you don’t have to pay tons of money to land yourself a reliable lighter. In fact, you probably don’t want to pay too much because lighters tend to get lost easily. Buy yourself a lighter you can afford to lose.


Your brass lighter needs to feel comfortable. If you carry your lighter in your pocket or backpacking backpack, you’re probably not going to buy a heavy, bulky lighter that weighs you down or sticks out at odd angles. Determine what comfort means to you so you can rule out the lighters that won’t work for you.


A reliable lighter is everything. When you’re aching for a smoke or ready to cook a meal at your campsite, you don’t want a fidgety, temperamental lighter that only works half the time. Research the best brands and read the reviews before you purchase. The brass lighter market is reliable since they are so popular. Companies everywhere are looking to perfect their version of the brass lighter.


A durable lighter is going to last you a long time. Look for high-quality, long-lasting materials when searching for a durable lighter. The best, most reliable, and durable lighter material is brass metal.  

Refillable and Adjustable

Refillable and adjustable lighters save you money, so you don’t have to keep disposing of them and buying new ones. Plus, it’s better for the environment to buy materials that are going to last a long time. Single-use products quickly fill up landfills. Instead of buying multiple lighters that serve different uses, look for an adjustable and refillable lighter that will fit all of your needs. Less is more!


Smoke in style with a lighter that aligns with your fashion. One reason brass lighters are so common is that they are in style! Shiny, gold metal lighters are sleek and modern. Old Southern Brass’s style is appropriate for veterans, first responders, American patriots, drinkers, and smokers. Head to our store to view our trendy brass bullet lighter.


Support a business that you trust. What kind of brands do you love to support; small businesses that give back to the community or large, popular brands? Old Southern Brass is an American business that donates a portion of its profits to veteran charities like the Wounded Warrior Project. 

Make sure you review the business’s return policy. At Old Southern Brass, we take our customer's concerns seriously and have a compassionate return policy that will replace damaged or lost products. 

50 Cal Bullet Lighter - 50 BMG Lighter

Refillable and Adjustable Brass Bullet Lighter

Now that you’re well-versed in what makes a great lighter, here’s our best lighter suggestion for you! One of the best lighters on the market is our 50 Cal Bullet Lighter made with a real brass 50 cal casing. This refillable butane clipper lighter will work for 3,000 uses! You’ll be smoking in comfort and style with this reliable, durable bullet lighter.

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