Gifts For Guys Who Like Guns Are As Timeless As The 2nd Amendment

Gifts For Guys Who Like Guns Are As Timeless As The 2nd Amendment

Here at Old Southern Brass, we are unapologetically patriotic and unapologetically lovers of the 2nd Amendment. We consider both to be virtues, but from time to time, we are asked to explain ourselves when it comes to our resolute support of the 2nd Amendment. This often takes place after a mass tragedy such as a school shooting and while we won’t apologize for supporting 2A, we never shy away from the opportunity to engage in an honest discussion. So, while we will indeed be showing you plenty of gifts for gun guys, gun nerds, and gun owners alike, let’s talk about the 2nd Amendment first. You see, as much as we do not apologize for our support of gun ownership, nor should you feel guilty for buying the gun enthusiast in your life some cool gun swag. When you can pair the gift with the 2A knowledge we’re about to share, you’re sure to impress. Let’s jump right in.

Why Guns Are Still Popular After A Mass Tragedy

Famed WW2 statesman Winston Churchill once famously said, “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” The incontrovertible truth that we are facing today is that gun enthusiasts are some of the most compassionate and service oriented people you will ever meet. If they could personally lay down their lives to prevent any mass atrocity, they would happily do so. In fact, the call to protect others is the reason why so many of them carry guns to begin with.

The second incontrovertible truth we must face is that the 2nd Amendment is as necessary today as it was the day it was written. Yes, the technology around guns has indeed changed, but the reasons why we need 2A are as timeless as they were over 200 years ago. We’ve recently witnessed unprecedented domestic turmoil and it doesn’t matter which side of the issue you are on, trust in government has been shaken.

Supporting the 2nd Amendment doesn’t necessarily mean that you believe the citizenry is going to march on Washington and take over. Rather, the 2nd Amendment means that Washington cannot march on the people and remove rights without a fight. I know you’ll run into people who point out the fact that the US military has tanks and fighters, so what chance would men with rifles have against that? Well, I’d put in contact with the Taliban who fought the US military for 20 years and are now in power. They did so from the mountains of Afghanistan, but I’d submit that you’ll find the mountains of Idaho or Montana little different.

To sum up this particular conversation, guns are still popular after a mass tragedy because they need to protect others is ever more present after a mass tragedy. Guns are still popular after a mass tragedy because where you have a government run by flawed humans, you have the potential for said flawed humans to enact tyranny. You will find few people who weep more and wish they could have been present to save others in the wake of mass tragedy than gun owners. So, you’re doing nothing wrong to support the 2nd Amendment and we will continue to manufacture cool gun swag from sea to shining seas knowing that we are creating gifts for some of the finest human beings you will ever meet. That is the incontrovertible truth and though malice and ignorance are almost sure to attack that truth, in the end, there it is. Now, let’s get to the good stuff. 

Gifts For Gun Guys Are Easier Than You Think

Now that you know how much we admire the gun enthusiast in your life, let’s talk about what kind of cool gifts you can buy him for any and all scenarios. It doesn’t matter whether it's a birthday, anniversary, father’s day, or your wedding, buying a gift for the gun guy in your life isn’t that hard. If you’ve got the money, just buy him a new gun and you’ll win the day. How many guns does an individual need in life? One more is always the proper answer to that question.

Given that not everyone has the budget for a new firearm, just stay on topic and you’ll still win the day. For example, take your pick among our wide ranging line of bullet glassware. That’s high-quality hand blown glass with a real bullet embedded in the side. It’s a cool gift that he’ll enjoy pulling out when shares his finest whiskey or good beer with his buddies. All of our glassware is also affordably priced to the point that you can purchase an entire set so that he’ll have a glass for each of his buddies.

While it is not a discernible truth that every single gun owner loves whiskey, we’ll go so far as to say there is at least a discernible correlation. Firearms and whiskey are as American as apple pie and trust us when we say that we have never met a single gun enthusiast who didn’t like our glasses, even if they are teetotaler and abstain from alcohol. Again, gifts for gun guys are easier than you think and you can’t miss with this line of products. 

Gifts For Gun Nerds That Embraces Their Obsession

The reality is that not every gun owner or supporter of the 2nd Amendment would qualify as a gun nerd. There are plenty of novice gun owners who just appreciate having the protection of a gun around. Gun nerds, on the other hand, are unique creatures that require a little more detail in the gifting. To be clear, “gun nerd” is not an insult. Rather, it’s just the only term we can think of for the individual who can tell you the exact grain count of every round of ammunition and ballistic information of every rifle.

These guys, and gals, know everything and if you did try to buy them a gun for a present, they’d let you know all the reasons why you got it wrong. Never buy a Glock guy a 1911 and ever buy an AK guy an AR. However, every single gun nerd we know will love our 2A Engraved .50 Caliber Shot Glass Set. That’s because every gun nerd can likely state from memory the word engraved on the glass.

“A well regulated militia, being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Those are the words of our beloved 2nd Amendment and they’ll find themselves spirited by those words while downing shots of their favorite spirits. Buy him these glasses and you’ll never have to worry about getting a lecture about buying the right kind of ammunition or the right firearm. Embrace his inner gun nerd and you too will win the day. 

A Summary And Timeless Conclusion About The 2nd Amendment

Give it 100 years and when the government is fighting aliens with laser rifles, we’ll support your right to have a laser rifle in your own closet. Give it 10 years and the next terrible tragedy involving guns takes place, we’ll still support your ability to protect those you love with firearms. This is not some mindless and poorly thought out policy position. This is the summary conclusion we have reached after deliberate study of history and human nature. The 2nd Amendment is here to stay and should it ever depart us, the foundations of the great American experiment are sure to fall shortly thereafter. That’s our position and we offer no apology for it.

Now, we’ll bring this article to a close as we know you are eager to find the right gift for the gun guy in your life. Hopefully we’ve given you some gift ideas for a man who likes guns and even given you some 2nd Amendment conversation points to spend time drinking and chatting with said man. Once again, finding gifts for gun owners doesn't have to be hard and don’t overthink it. Peruse our website and when you find something you love, chances are, he’ll love it too. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions and keep living this 2A lifestyle the best you know how. 

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