5 Whiskey Gifts For Men That Are Sure To Win The Holiday Season

5 Whiskey Gifts For Men That Are Sure To Win The Holiday Season

The simple truth is that every man longs to reach a level of sophistication that says that they have arrived in life. Gone are the days of binge drinking beer out of red solo cups and the days of a good whiskey and perhaps a fine cigar have arrived. The upcoming holiday season provides you the perfect opportunity to assist a man in that journey. Whether that is a Christmas gift or a simple, “I saw this and thought of you” gift just in time for Thanksgiving evening, we’d like to suggest a few whiskey gifts for men that will help you win this holiday season. More than a gift, the whiskey products that we are about to show you allows you to be a part of a man’s journey of sophistication. There is a better than average chance he has seen such gifts and wanted them, but passed over the chance to purchase them in order to spend money on his family. Now, you get to do for him what he was unwilling to do for himself. Let’s jump right in.

A Whiskey Decanter Set Holiday Gift Is a 100% Win

Good whiskey speaks for itself and it needs not the label of the bottle to tell its story. When you see the label, you are predisposed to make assumptions about what it will do to your palette and that takes part of the joy out of good whiskey. To taste it and simply reply, “now that is good whiskey” allows you to cultivate your preferences based on taste, rather than marketing and branding.

So, the man in your life doesn’t have a good decanter set, this is 100% where you want to start. We offer a broad array of decanter sets that allow you to customize the story you want to send when you offer the gift. If the man is as patriotic as we are and truly loves this blessed land, we’d suggest the Constitution of the United States Whiskey Decanter Set. Engraved with the preamble to our Constitution, it makes it clear to all who lay their eyes upon it that “We The People” love our freedom and we love our whiskey. 

A Sophisticated Upgrade To The Shot glass for the Gun Lover In Your Life

Now, just because a man is in pursuit of sophistication, it doesn’t mean that he has forgotten how to have a good time. Our gifts are classy, but they are not pretentious. So, there is always the need to still have a few shot glasses on hand that he’d be proud to display in his man cave or office bar. If he loves the 2nd Amendment as much as we do, he’ll love you even more for giving him this dual purpose gift.

For this, we’d recommend our 12 Gauge Shot Glasses as they are the perfect combination of class and function. Engraved with the powerful words of our beloved 2A, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” If we had enough space, we’d repeat that “shall not be infringed” phrase for those who seem to forget it. The shot glasses are sleek and will look great on a shelf and when the occasion for a shot of fine spirits arrives with friends, he’ll be proud to pull these out and put them to work. If you are looking for shot glasses with a higher caliber, we’d recommend our 50 Caliber Brass Shot Glasses as an alternative. 

Give Your Man Enough Whiskey Glasses To Enjoy Quality Time With His Friends

It is one thing to have a fine decanter set on hand to enjoy on a daily basis, but a man doesn’t want to pull out the fine glasses for a few and then coffee cups for the rest. That’s why we offer a wide array of glassware that allows you to have plenty on hand for the occasion that you need more than four, or if you simply want to impress with a good gift and don’t have the budget for the decanter set.

Any of our Bullet Glasswares make the perfect gift as an individual glass, set, or mix and match collection of your favorites. Each one comes with an authentic solid copper projectile embedded in the glass and is a great conversation piece. They’re great for impressing a work client or simply for hanging with their boys on poker night. We offer versatile options that allow you to pick the perfect messaging that describes the man in your life. 

A Gift For The Whiskey Lover Who Also Loves Good Beer

If the man you're shopping for seems to have every whiskey accessory in the book, perhaps you’ll need to shift towards another one of his favorites. If he loves good whiskey, chances are, he loves good beer as well. For those men, we offer some additional products that will allow him to maintain his pursuit of sophistication.

First, we’d recommend a simple Bullet Bottle Opener that is both a conversation piece and functional bottle opener. Running to the kitchen to grab the can opener when you simply need to open a cold brew is a bit of a drag. These openers are small enough to keep on a keychain or quickly accessible in the man cave. Throw in a few .50 Caliber Beer Mugs for the win and you’ve got yourself a cool round of beers with the boys. 

Customize Your Man’s Gift For The Holidays To Show You Not Only Love Him, But You Understand Him

We think it is fairly clear when perusing our website, that we are patriots, gun lovers, and excellent craftsmen. If the man you're shopping for spends his time chained to a tree and protesting whatever it is we are protesting against this week, chances are he’s not going to be into our products. We’re sure there is a company out there making snowflake infused whiskey glasses for such men.

However, if our products and website scream the type of man you are trying to please this holiday season, we’d encourage you to take it a step further. Make sure you send the right message that says you both love and understand him. If he is a law enforcement officer, why not choose our Thin Blue Line edition. If he hunts on a regular basis, let’s go for the 2nd Amendment line of products.

Look, if your man is the type of man who would be standing on the roof in the middle of a hurricane just so that he can see the American flag wave in the storm, we even have a whiskey glass that just says, “‘MERICA” for such men. Personalize the gift for the ultimate win and as long as you can communicate that you know him, he’s going to love it. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you can’t find what you need this holiday seasons and happy shopping for the patriot and whiskey lover in your life. 

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