Military Promotion Gifts That Say More Than “Thank You For Your Service”

Military Promotion Gifts That Say More Than “Thank You For Your Service”

Every veteran hears the term on a regular basis as “thank you for your service” has become the canned go-to phrase used when someone finds out about your military service. In fact, it has become so commonplace that most veterans have developed their own canned reply just to move beyond the conversation. Something along the lines of, “it was my honor” or “thank, it was a good time” or perhaps even a simple, “thanks” so that they can quickly move on. There are better ways to acknowledge a military service member's sacrifice and if a military person in your life just received a promotion, now’s the time to offer such thanks. We’ll run through a few gift ideas that say more than “thank you for your service” that are perfect for military promotions. Let’s jump right in.

Promotion Gift Ideas For Him And Promotion Gift Ideas For Her

We’ll be honest and tell you that the data indicates that the majority of our customers are men or women shopping for men. That’s not overwhelmingly so, but over half. Regardless of the percentage, we’ll also be honest and tell you that we love our women who know how to shoot whiskey and guns. You ladies are out there and you are indeed some of our most loyal customers.

Keep that in mind when you are shopping for military gift ideas in order to recognize a service member's upcoming or recent promotion. Women have made their mark in the military and they are as badass as any. When a military service member of either sex gets promoted, it is an occasion to celebrate. Yes, this is even true if you’re a Marine being promoted to Lance Corporal for the third time because you keep getting busted down in rank. After all, just because the Battalion Commander found you passed out, drunk, and naked in his parking spot shouldn’t be the end of your career.  

Honoring Their Military Career With Personalized Military Gifts

One of the best ideas we’ve seen to honor one’s military career is to purchase a Customized Rank Whiskey Glass for each promotion. After a 20 year career, it would be amazing to have 8 or 9 whiskey glasses with the rank and date of promotion to remember the journey. Not only are they great for drinking whiskey, but they look great lined up in a man cave or shelf with other military awards.

It also makes for an awesome chance to tell the story of why you have 3 separate Lance Corporal glasses, all with different promotion dates. When you honor the journey of a military veteran’s career, you’re saying so much more than “thank you for your service.” Particularly if you are that person’s spouse and if you were there along the way for the oftentimes difficult journey.  

A Personalized Military Promotion Gift That Reminds Them Of Their Oath

A military service member will never forget the first time that they raised their hand and swore to protect the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. So, why not remind them of that oath in light of their recent promotion with a Constitution of the United States Patriotic Decanter and Whiskey Glass Set. It’s a classy gift with a call back to that original oath that any military service member is sure to enjoy.

Now, we should clarify that if you are shopping for the E-3 who is still getting blackout drunk every night in the barracks, this may not be the best gift for that service member. It won’t be appreciated and it’s only a matter of time before it gets broken as a result of drunken debauchery.

However, if you are the Staff NCO who drinks at home to forget about what all the drunk E-3s are doing in the barracks and how you are going to explain that to the CO, this is a classy gift for such men. Just fill it up with your finest whiskey and then drink your Lance Corporals away 

Promotion Gift Ideas For Any And All Occasions

Now, this particular article is about military promotion gift ideas, but the truth is that these gifts can be offered for any standard promotion scenario. It is also true that you don’t have to specifically reference their military service in order for the promotion gift to be appropriate. The widest array of products we offer are in our whiskey glass selections and you can find one that’s perfect for every individual.

If someone you love just got promoted to Sergeant and they just happen to love the show Yellowstone? Grab them the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch Whiskey Glass. Was your loved one the E-3 who's been busted down three times and with that ending their military career, it means they are coming home to the great state of Texas? Well, Let’s run with a Texas Flag Old Fashioned Whiskey Rocks Bourbon Glass.

The point is that you can personalize the gift in a nearly unlimited fashion that will speak volumes and say way more than, “thank you for your service.” You can choose a gift that says, “I know you and I am truly thankful for you.”

An Easy Military Promotion Gift For The Non-Rates

Staff NCOs may very well drink because of the E-3s and below, but that doesn’t mean the non-rates of today won’t become the NCO heroes of tomorrow. Every military career has to start somewhere and even the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps was a drunk E-3 one day in the past. Picking up that first strip is still something to celebrate and a simple gift like these .50 Cal Bullet Bottle Openers are right on the mark.

Personalized military gifts that honor a promotion don’t have to be hard, but they do require a little thought if you want to say more than “thank you for your service.” We’ve done our best to give you as many options as possible, but if you don’t see something that speaks to you, please reach out to us and we’ll strive to make it happen. Old Southern Brass is a American owned company and we’ve lived the military promotion journey ourselves. We can neither confirm nor deny whether or not we were the drunk E-3 passed out naked in the Battalion Commander’s parking spot, but that’s a story for another day. Enjoy your shopping experience and congrats on the new promotion in your life. 

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