Why The Whiskey Rocks Glass Is The One Whiskey Glass To Rule Them All

Why The Whiskey Rocks Glass Is The One Whiskey Glass To Rule Them All

Because we are the game of making high-class and exquisite whiskey glasses, we’re often asked by whiskey aficionados why we went exclusively with the old fashioned glass or aka, the rocks glass. Whiskey tumbler may be the name you’ve heard it referred to but a whiskey rocks glass by any other name, is still the finest whiskey glass in the game. Now, we’re not saying that you can’t enjoy your whiskey in another type of whiskey glass. In general, we don’t care how you enjoy whiskey, just so long as you do. So, with your permission, we’ll borrow a few minutes of your time and show you why the rocks glass is the one whiskey glass to rule them all.

A Brief Overview Of Whiskey Glass Types

First, let’s talk about the competition for a brief minute. Now, you may be able to find more than us, but we’d identify 5 specific alternatives to the whiskey rocks glass that we could have considered. They are as follows:

The Tulip-Shaped Glass - Also known as the copita-style glass or the dock glass, it can be identified by its long stem and narrow rim. It’s great for sampling whiskey as the long stem keeps your smelly hands away from your nose while drinking. The narrow rim concentrates and aromas and you can sniff whiskey till your heart’s content.

The Glencairn Whiskey Glass - Another tulip shaped glass, this one is a bit more robust. It has a shorter base and is typically made from thicker glass. It’s good for swirling your whiskey and perfect for those who think the long stem of the dock glass is just a little too dainty for their liking.

The Highball - Sometimes referred to as the taller brother to the whiskey rocks glass, there’s nothing fancy about the highball’s shape or design. It is simply a taller glass that allows for more mixing elements such as soda or ginger ale. So, if you want to sit by the pool and enjoy a longer drink, this might be your pick.

The Snifter - Also known as the balloon, the brandy bowl, or the cognac glass, this is the type of glass you associate with rich men sitting around in a cigar room sipping brandy while wearing their smoking jackets. Fancy glass for fancy people.

The NEAT Whiskey Glass - The NEAT glass is a newer glass in the whiskey game and is a bit high tech. NEAT actually stands for Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology which is supposed to squeeze the lighter molecules of ethanol out of the opening. We’re not tech people, so we’re going to have to just take their word for it. 

Why We Love The Rocks Glass For Whiskey

In the same way that we enumerated the alternatives to the whiskey rocks glass, we’re going to bullet point out point by point why we think the old fashioned glass is superior. Our reasoning is as follows:

All the other glasses look weird with a bullet in it - Given that we embed real bullets into our products, this was an important element. The tulip glass with its long stem is a little too dainty to handle a real .308 Bullet and the NEAT glass doesn’t quite fit the look either. The rocks glass and the real bullet look rugged and elegant together and it just fits.

The Rocks Glass Simplicity Let’s The Whiskey Talk - We like the fact that the glass itself doesn’t take away from this whiskey. It’s not a glass for nosing or swirling. It’s a glass for drinking good whiskey that can speak for itself. It allows us to easily personalize the rocks glass with the design of your choice. Are you a big supporter of the boys in blue? Why not grab the Thin Blue Line Version.

The Rocks Whiskey Glass Is Versatile - In our view, the rocks whiskey glass is the most versatile of all the whiskey glasses. It’s not too fancy for chilling with the boys and it's classy enough to pull out during special events. You can drink whiskey plain, whiskey on the rocks and even muddle together some cocktail ingredients if you so please. 

Who Needs A Set Of Whiskey Rocks Glasses?

The short answer is everyone. That is, every human being who drinks whiskey on any regular basis needs a good set of whiskey rocks glasses. Good whiskey just simply isn’t meant to be enjoyed out of a coffee cup unless you are trying to sneak a few sips in at work. Whiskey isn’t meant to be enjoyed out of a red solo cup unless you are a college freshman drinking some bottom shelf garbage.

A set of whiskey rocks glasses should be your go to everyday whiskey drinking glass. Not everyone would understand the aroma and sniff produced by a tulip glass and many wouldn’t appreciate the technology behind the NEAT whiskey glass. However, everyone understands what’s about to go down when you pull out a decanter of your finest whiskey and a few old fashioned rocks glasses. Good times are about to be had and whiskey will play a central role in that process.

Personalized Rock Glasses For the Home Run Win

In conclusion, the only way that we believe that you can improve upon the whiskey rocks glasses is to personalize it with the message that speaks to you the most. We think you can quickly tell that we are an unapologetically patriotic brand that loves America, guns, and good whiskey. That’s why you’ll find a variety of themed glasses pre-made in that brand. We do allow for some additional customization and if you don’t see what you need, feel free to reach out to us.

However, in general we have every whiskey rocks glass you would ever need to trigger and snowflake friends you might invite over for whiskey. Again, this is just who we are as a American owned business and we’re not going to apologize for it. We do sell more than whiskey glasses and you can peruse our website for all of our additional offerings. Just don’t argue with us about our choice of whiskey glass. We said it at the beginning and we’ll say now at the end. The whiskey rocks glass is the one whiskey glass to rule them all. 

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