Molon Labe Christmas Gifts For The Come And Take It Man

Molon Labe Christmas Gifts For The Come And Take It Man

Love it or hate it, but the United States of America is a Molon Labe nation to its core. Personally, we absolutely love it as we are unashamedly patriotic and lovers of all things 2A. We're a nation of rebels who don’t take kindly to others telling us what to do and we certainly have a word or two to say about those who would try and take our firearms. Molon Labe is the quintessential statement of defiance attributed by Plutarch to King Leonidas of Sparta. “Come and take (them)(it)” is the meaning with the “it” or “them” meaning weapons. Now, chances are if you found this article that you are searching for the perfect Christmas gift for such a man in your life. Ladies, let me tell you that perhaps the only thing sexier than a woman who embraces the Molon Labe lifestyle would be for you to whisper “come and take” in his ear at night. While that’s none of our business and we can’t help you with that last suggestion, we can help you with your holiday shopping. Stick around and we’ll show you the “come and take it” gifts that are sure to win your man over this Christmas.

What Is The True Molon Labe Meaning?

You’ll notice while shopping our products that Molon Labe is not what we engrave or carve upon each product, though that can be arranged. What you’ll find are products that embrace the true meaning of Molon Labe and the Come and Take It spirit. For King Leonidas and his day, that involved swords, spears, and shields. In our day, that means firearms and everything else in the pew, pew, pew universe. Sadly, we live in a day and age where there are those who would indeed try to take our guns if we let them.

We’re guessing that the man you’re shopping for would have something to say about the matter. That’s why our first suggestion is one or a set of whiskey glass that has the beloved words of the 2nd Amendment engraved upon it and a real bullet embedded into the fine hand blown glass. It also has the flag of the United States of America and, in our humble opinion, the American flag is the Molon Labe flag. Flying proudly and declaring to the world that if you want to deprive us of our freedom, we dare you to come and take it. 

Come And Take It In Greek Versus Come and Take It In English

While we do indeed love the Molon Labe words in greek and all the cool Molon Labe designs around, we just prefer the words to be spoken in plain English. That’s because there is more than one way to say, “come and take it” and as we mentioned, we think the great American experiment itself screams that very sentiment.

We think writing a breakup letter to the most powerful military on the planet in 1776 is equally powerful. The Declaration of Independence was an eloquently written letter which essentially told King George, “come and take it.” He did indeed try to take it, but it didn’t end too well for him. If you agree and you know your man agrees, we’re going to recommend this Declaration of Independence Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set. Sure, it costs more than a single glass, but what it brings to the gift in terms of class and beauty is worth every penny. There is no way that if you do indeed have a come and take it man that he won’t absolutely love this gift. Guaranteed 100% holiday gifting win. 

Molon Labe Gifts For the Casual Molon Labe Man In Your Life

Now, it is entirely possible that the man you are shopping for is a casual acquaintance, new boyfriend, or even boyfriend prospect. You can still give him a Molon Labe gift that is not too over the top. For example, this set of 2A Engraved .50 Caliber Shot glasses would be a great idea. It’s priced to the point that it says, “hey, I get you” without screaming “I wanna marry you and have your babies.” It’s a subtle, classy, and cool gift.

If you’re worried that this is still a bit much, you grab any one of our bullet bottle openers. This would be perfect for the guy in your life that you want to do something nice for, but you still want to keep him in the friend zone. He’ll love the gift without getting too big of an idea about why you are giving him something. Pro tip, that’s all null and void if you hug him too long afterwards as every guy will start to think, “So you’re saying there’s a chance.” 

Personalized Molon Labe Gifts For Your Specific Man

For our final recommendation, we’re going to suggest that you consider the unique attributes of your come and take it man and find something personalized and very specific to him. That’s why we offer a wide range of whiskey glasses and products that allow you to customize your gift. If your Molon Labe man loves the show Yellowstone, we got you covered. If he is a law enforcement officer, we got you covered there as well. Did he serve in the military? You guessed as honor military service with our designs as well.

Listen, we know that you could always just buy your Molon Labe man a new gun and ammunition. After all, when you ask a guy how many guns he needs, the right answer is always, “one more will do.” However, that’s a pricey affair and he’ll start to expect a new gun every Christmas. So, let’s manage the expectations a bit. We just believe that the only product a man might love as much as guns is good whiskey and that’s why we’ve focused our efforts here. It’s affordable, practical and a guaranteed Christmas gifting win. 

How To Show Genuine Appreciation To Your Molon Labe Man

We’ve never met the man you’re shopping for this holiday season, but we know him. That is if you found this article compelling enough to read to the end and these are the types of gifts that you know he would love, we know your man. He’s a protector, provider, and would willingly step in front of a barrage of bullets to protect those he loves. He loves this nation and every freedom endowed upon us by our creator. Though there are those who would deride and mock the Molon Labe man as a caricature, we think he’s one of our nation’s finest.

That’s why we encourage you to find a Christmas gift this holiday season that says thank you. A gift that shows genuine appreciation for sweat, blood, and tears that he pours into his family. If we can be of any further assistance in helping you shop this Christmas season, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here for you because you’re here to show appreciation to the one and only, Molon Labe man. 

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