Firefighters and First Responders

Give Back to your Firefighters and First Responders

To honor the brave United States firefighters and first responders, citizens must show their thin red line support! It is our community’s duty to give back to the first responders who risked their lives to keep ours safe. From the best gifts for firefighters to kind acts of service, let’s explore several thoughtful and creative ways we can convey our endorsement, love, and support.


What is the Thin Red Line?

The thin red line is displayed as a solid red stripe on the American flag. It was designed to showcase support and solidarity with fire service members and to honor firefighters who sustained injuries or gave their life while serving the community. Many view the thin red line as a message that aligns with the promotion of public safety, honor, and patriotism.

The thin red line flag originated from the thin blue line flag, which supports law enforcement officers. The blue line represents the line that protects society from plunging into violence and chaos. You’re standing in unity with police officers and other law enforcement personnel when you wave the thin blue line American flag. 

Similarly, you’re standing in solidarity with firefighters when you display the fiery thin red line. You might see thin red line flags blowing in the wind inside or outside fire stations, on firefighting equipment, or outside the home of a firefighter or local supportive citizen.


Thin Red Line Gifts for Firefighters

Give back to your firefighters with special, patriotic gifts that display the blazing thin red line! Light up your local first responders’ days with a sweet present that shows your gratitude for their valiant service and sacrifice.

One of the best parts about these gift sets that were designed especially for firefighters and first responders is that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to various military and first responder charities! Click on each of Old Southern Brass’ thin red line products below for more details and a look at the striking designs.

Thin Red Line 12 Gauge Shot Glasses

For the shot-taking or gun enthusiast firefighter, give your hero a set of four thin red line 12 gauge shot glasses! These unique gifts were made for the man cave and are a great way to support your first responders and display your support of the second amendment! 

Each shot glass is decorated in black and gold with the American flag. Right through the middle of our nation’s symbol is a bright red line that indicates the dedication and unanimity of the public in honor of United States firefighters. These shot glasses hold two ounces of your firefighters' most treasured booze and are made from high-quality, durable plastic that will last for many years!

Thin Red Line Whiskey Rocks Glass

Do you know any firefighters who appreciate a delicious Old Fashioned at the end of their exhausting day? Our thin red line whiskey rocks glass was made especially for the whiskey-loving firefighter. Fill each whiskey glass with ten ounces of whiskey, scotch, or bourbon. Firefighters and first responders can enjoy a crystal-clear American flag and fiery red line displayed on the side of the glass. 

Each whiskey glass was handcrafted right here in our country with high-quality materials, all sourced from the United States. Your local first responder will appreciate the thoughtfulness of the gift and how it was designed and sold by hard-working American patriots from small American businesses. 


Kind Acts of Service for Your Local Firefighters

Warm your local firefighters' hearts with thoughtful, kind acts of service. According to the National Fire Protection Association, 70 percent of United States firefighters are volunteers! It takes so much courage and commitment to this country to take on such a risk without pay. In return, the least our community can do is extend kind and courteous gestures to these brave men and women who fight raging fires! Here are three thoughtful things you can do to show your support and gratitude. 

Cook and bake nutritious meals for your firefighters. 

Gather your local community members and team up to cook and bake a lovely breakfast, lunch, or dinner for your local fire department. Can you imagine how hungry these men and women are after running through burning buildings, carrying grown men and women on their backs, and wearing 75 pounds of fire fighting gear and equipment?! Likely, all firefighters will greatly appreciate a delicious, nourishing meal before or after a long, stressful day in scorched buildings. 

Write a thoughtful letter to a firefighter who impacted your life.

If you or someone you know personally experienced a heroic encounter with a firefighter, extending words of thanks and encouragement is a beautiful thing you can do to support. You can make it as heartfelt and sappy as you please. No matter how you express your feelings, experiences, and thoughts, you will melt a soft spot into your hero’s heart. Your sweet letter might even make it onto their fridge at home! You could also share your words on social media if you want to impact an entire station, fire department, or community.

Donate to charities that support firefighters and first responders. 

Even a little bit of money can go a long way when you support a renowned nonprofit. Many first responder charities supply equipment, technology, training, care packages, and medical help. They also support families of fallen heroes with financial assistance and mental health support. Some examples of incredible organizations are National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, Leary Firefighters Foundation, and First Responders Children’s Foundation.

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