Second Amendment Products to Display Your Right to Bear Arms

The Best Second Amendment Products to Display Your Right to Bear Arms


Old Southern Brass is a gun-advocating company that is always fond of an excuse to showcase our pride in the second amendment! Our mission is to support United States military members, veterans, law enforcement officers, and first responders. We do this by educating the public about enthralling American topics, donating a piece of our profit to our community, and selling products that represent American patriotism in the most original form. 

Calling all gun enthusiasts and spirit-drinking, blue-blood Americans! Your right to bear arms is a privilege. Display your second amendment support with the best 2A products on the market. And while you’re browsing these unique red, white, and blue products, you can also support a small American business that gives back to veterans and service members who protect our nation. Here are the best second amendment products to showcase your undeniable right to bear arms!


Second Amendment Products to Support Your Right to Bear Arms

Bullet Glassware

We offer patriotic whiskey, shot, and beer glasses embedded with authentic .308 and .50 caliber bullets. Our bullet glassware collection is stocked full of statement-making bullet pieces you can drink from that also display patriotic decals like the thin blue line, second amendment text, and the American flag.

Each bullet glass is made with high-quality materials. You can rely on these durable glasses to pour your whiskey, tequila, and other spirits far into the future. So, get yourself a second amendment whiskey glass or pint glass embedded with a real copper projectile to put your second amendment support on a shiny display! 


12 Gauge Shot Glasses

A unique way to support gun rights is to take shots out of our distinctive 12 gauge shot glasses. Our collections come in sets of four and make perfect gift sets for loved ones on Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Veteran’s Day, and other special holidays. Please browse through our 12 gauge shot glass collection to find the style that aligns with your interests. We have traditional red shot shells and black shells decorated with the thin blue line, thin red line, second amendment text, a gun American flag, and more. 

Each high-quality plastic shot glass holds two ounces of your favorite bourbon, vodka, tequila, or rum and comes in a gift box for a sleek display. Hunters, military members, veterans, and other proud gun owners will love this product to show off their gun support!


Bullet Bottle Openers

Keep your second amendment support right on your keychain with one of our bullet bottle opener keychains! We have a .308 bullet keychain made from an authentic .308 casing. We also carry a 50 BMG keychain with 2A text engraved into it. 

If you’re not keen on the keychain idea, we also have bullet bottle openers that can be stored in your kitchen or man cave, always ready to pop open a refreshing beer at the end of your day. We sell options that come in a rifle case replica, that can be engraved with your desired text, and that are plain and come in a soft, simple case. 

You can count on our bullet bottle openers to be sourced and manufactured in the United States by hard-working American small business team members. This center-of-attention piece will impress your gun-owning buddies and turn heads when you crack off beer bottle caps.


50 Caliber Shot Glass

Another bullet shot glass set that we have in stock is our 50-caliber shot glass collection. With a classy golden look, these shot glasses come in a plain option or a version with the second amendment text engraving. Your right to bear arms can be displayed beautifully with these 2-ounce ceramic goldens. Brass bullet shot glasses are becoming more and more popular amongst the gun-owning community. You’re sure to attract others’ attention when you take shots out of these 50 caliber modeled bullet glasses!


Patriotic Whiskey Rocks Glass

Our second amendment whiskey glass collection includes patriotic glasses that support service members, first responders, and law enforcement officers who carry weapons. They’re also made for military members, veterans, hunters, wild west tv show fans, and other American patriots who are simply proud to own guns!

Check out our whiskey rocks glass options here, and browse through the 12-ounce whiskey glass options you might want to add to your collection at home. In addition to our classic whiskey rocks glasses, we also carry patriotic whiskey decanter sets, shot glasses, pint glasses, and bullet glassware that all authentically represent your right to bear arms.


Second Amendment Travel Tumbler

Here’s a product you can take with you on the go. Stay hydrated or fueled up on coffee with one of our 30-ounce patriotic stainless steel travel tumblers. Showcase your right to bear arms with an engraved travel tumbler boasting the second amendment text. 

Made with a durable double-walled design and a vacuum sealed lid, you can rely on your water or soda to stay cold for 24 hours and your hot drinks to stay hot for 12 hours. This sweat-proof, spill-proof, leak-proof travel mug fits into standard cup holders, making it the perfect road trip buddy. Taking this cup with you on the go makes it easy to share your pride in your gun rights! You’ll influence others along your journey as you sip from this 2A travel mug.

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