Old Southern Brass Supports the Second Amendment

How Old Southern Brass Supports the Second Amendment

It’s special and rare to find a small business that perfectly aligns with your values and interests. To all the Second Amendment supporters and dedicated American loyalists, Old Southern Brass serves your interests and values. OSB is a small, American-owned business that supports American patriots, military service members, veterans, first responders, and gun connoisseurs. As a American-operated business in the United States, our mission is to give back to fellow American patriots who have served and protected our country. 


The Second Amendment, 1791

The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States was adopted on December 15, 1791. This crucial piece in the Bill of Rights protects U.S. citizens’ right to keep and bear arms. It states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” The Second Amendment grants the protectors of our country the weapons necessary to maintain peace and protect individuals from danger. 

At the time of inception, a “well-regulated militia” referred to groups of people who worked together to protect their community. Many people believed that some governments would use the military to control their citizens. They thought that the federal government should only be able to form an army when protecting the country's people from a foreign foe. Many people also believed that protection should be decided by militias that consisted of regular citizens using their own guns. However, the Constitutional Convention determined that the federal government could establish an army whenever necessary. While some people feared this meant their right to bear arms was revoked, the Second Amendment was an agreement that allowed both militias and individuals to keep and bear arms.

In alignment with our mission, we strongly support our country’s right to bear arms. Without this fundamental right in place, our brave military service members, veterans, and law enforcement officers would have difficulty shielding American citizens from threats. At Old Southern Brass, we are devoted to the Second Amendment and grateful for its protection of American citizens. Here’s how we proudly display, support, and educate others on our right to bear arms.


6 Ways Old Southern Brass Supports the Second Amendment

We donate proceeds to military charities.

Military service members and veterans are notable holders of weapons with which they protect our country. While many modern debates exist about the particular focus of the Second Amendment, it’s hard to argue that weapons shouldn’t be exercised through militia organizations. The fundamental right to bear arms is an integral part of military service. Organizations like the National Guard, Army, Air Force, Navy, and more rely on their access to weapons for proper protection of and service to the United States. 

For 2A and our military service member support, we donate Old Southern Brass’s profits to select military charities. Some of these military charities include Sempre Fi and America’s Fund, the Wounded Warrior Project, and the Navy-Marine Corps Society. These charities serve service members, veterans, and family members as warriors heal from physical and mental battle wounds acquired during their service to the United States. 


We sell bullet glassware.

Much of our glassware collection comes with a bullet embedded in the side of the glass. One great visual way to support your right to bear arms is to drink whiskey from a bullet whiskey glass! This artistic representation of 2A support makes a statement and can influence others. Old Southern Brass’s bullet glassware comes with various patriotic designs like the thin blue line, Don’t Tread on Me, and American flags. 

Our patriotic glassware contains either a .308 or .50 caliber bullet. Show patriotism for your country by drinking your favorite spirit out of these unique military glasses. We’re proud to sell them and fill our home bars with these fun 2A products. 


The Second Amendment text is engraved into our products. 

You can find the text from the Second Amendment etched into many of our products. For example you’ll find this principal section of the Bill of Rights written on our bullet whiskey glass, keychain bottle opener, 50 caliber shot glass, stainless steel tumbler, and 12 gauge shot glass set. There’s no better way to support the Second Amendment than by carrying the original text on your keychain or the container you’re drinking out of. 

While our bullet-embedded glassware makes one statement, it’s hard to misinterpret the bold text from the Constitution of the United States. Our 2A products are sure to spark stimulating conversations between you, your guests, and all who witness your proclamation-inducing glass or keychain.


Our products are made for military veterans, service members, first responders, and American patriots.

In alignment with our brand’s purpose, we support all military service members, veterans, police officers, firefighters, and other service members who protect American citizens. Our thin blue line collection is made for law enforcement officers like police officers. The thin blue line resembles our country’s celebration of our law enforcement officers’ courage and sacrifices while risking their lives to protect U.S. citizens. This emblem is meant to draw the line between peace and chaos, so we’ve engraved it into our patriotic glassware to show support.

We also make gear for American patriots, hunters, and gun enthusiasts who find pride in their right to bear arms. Our patriotic glassware collection holds unique designs that show 2A support for any American who is just proud to be that - an American! Gun owners will get a kick out of our clever, bold patterns splashed across our glassware and other patriotic paraphernalia.


Our American-owned and operated company supports other American small businesses.

Our support of the Second Amendment extends beyond the United States Constitution. We are devoted to our country for many more reasons than gun rights. Our small business is entirely based in the United States and sells products locally. Our team comprises veterans and American patriots eager to share our mission with others who care just as much about our freedoms.

We write about the Second Amendment in our blogs.

Our blog serves to educate customers about 2A topics, how we give back to the community, and a number of other topics that our audience might enjoy. We cover many classic American topics, like outdoor hobbies, mancations, bachelor parties, and weddings. We hope to provide more in-depth information about our products and mission through these articles and inspire patrons to live in alignment with their values and interests. Go check out our blog page and scroll through the articles to find one that interests you!

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