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Old Southern Brass's Military Donation Program


When you purchase products from Old Southern Brass, you also support military charities! In addition to our dedication to OSB’s patriotic products and customers, we prioritize helping those who have courageously served our country. United States military service members, veterans, and first responders are at the top of our list as we give back to our communities. A portion of all of our sales is donated to selected nonprofits that provide a variety of assistance programs to American Patriots.

This article will dive into our updated donation program and let you know more about the incredible military charities we contribute to, thanks to our customers’ support. Furthermore, we’ll cover what our brand is all about!


Old Southern Brass’s Mission

Our mission operates around American patriotism and the support of military service members and first responders. We work in alignment with our values to provide excellent service and products to patrons. We also prioritize giving back to our local communities and selected charities. Here are four core values and focuses that our brand keeps in mind as we run our small business.



Old Southern Brass is a American-operated small business located in Florida. As an American-operated organization, we’re focused on assisting local communities. We highlight the importance of shopping local and supporting small businesses in the United States. It is our belief that American businesses should support other American businesses! Because of the support from hard-working U.S. citizens, we can guarantee high-quality, long-lasting products and impressions for our customers. 


Patriotic Products

Our distinctive patriotic glassware is handcrafted with durable, hand-blown glass. In alignment with our American-focused mission, the products we manufacture, and sell are sourced right here in the United States. This allows our small business to support other small American companies.


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We believe in a military mindset that highlights integrity, vigilance, and loyalty. We are constantly aware of our customers’ needs and feedback. We can guarantee the quality and delivery of your OSB products, or you’ll receive a quick fix! If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can rely on our team to make it right.


Military Service Members and First Responders

Old Southern Brass strives to serve fellow patriots. Our small business works alongside American Patriots by proudly supporting brave U.S. military members and first responders. Since 2016, our small business has handcrafted patriotic gifts for active and retired service members, police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and other first responders. 


Old Southern Brass’s Donation Program

Our ever-lasting commitment to U.S. service members seeps into our military donation program. Active service members and veterans put their life at risk to protect ours. It is our honor to play a small role in giving back to our nation-saving veterans by donating to military charities that support these warriors’ health, families, hobbies, finances, and more. 


How it Works

After each OSB sale, a portion of the proceeds is donated to one or several of our selected nonprofits. These nonprofits are all veteran and military charities that support local communities, offer educational events, and aid service members. OSB is also active in community service events that support locals, veterans, first responders, and law enforcement officers. 


Four Military Charities Donated to by Old Southern Brass

We want to highlight four incredible nonprofits that Old Southern Brass donates to at the conclusion of each sale. Each military charity organization we offer contributions to has a unique story. But they’re also doing similar work by executing roles that give back to the brave men and women who put their lives at risk to protect our nation. Here are four charities that patrons support when they buy from our store!


Wounded Warrior Project

The Wounded Warrior Project is a nonprofit that treats and supports warriors who have been injured physically or mentally in battle on or after September 11, 2001. This remarkable charity has been around since 2003. 

The Wounded Warrior Project deems these warriors as their mission. This military charity focuses on providing mental health services, physical treatment, financial support, family programs, and so much more to those affected by battle wounds.

Their website states that more than 52,000 servicemen and women have been physically wounded in recent military conflicts, while 500,000 live with mental wounds like PTSD, depression, and brain trauma. Every donation allows this organization to lend a voice to wounded warriors as they heal.


Sempre Fi and America’s Fund

The Semper Fi and America’s Fund dedicates its time and resources to wounded, critically ill, and injured service members of the United States Armed Forces. Veterans and family members of the Armed Forces also receive support from this organization, whose team is composed of case managers, nurses, and others loyal to supporting the physical and emotional recovery of wounded service members.

This military charity offers specific programs that guide service members and families through difficult transition stages. They also provide mental and physical healing opportunities and programs that target PTSD, depression, and TBI. These incredible programs offer tools to heal the body, mind, and spirit through animal therapy, art, music, counseling, and other soothing and innovative technologies. 


Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society is mission-focused, providing educational and financial opportunities and other assistance to service members, family members, and survivors of the Naval Services of the United States. This nonprofit organization uses financial and non-financial resources to aid qualifying individuals’ needs. Plus, they provide clients with a financial knowledge tool belt that can assist their future financial decision-making.

Its mission is guided by principles that offer its clients compassion, a non-judgment attitude, and consistency. They are committed to preserving the dignity, confidentiality, and self-respect of clients, as well. This organization has been assisting others since 1904! Over a century later, it has grown dramatically in financial capabilities and program functions, constantly adapting to better support service members and their families.


Special Operations Warrior Foundation

This foundation supports surviving children of fallen Special Operations Forces and children of Medal of Honor recipients. This charity ensures that these children receive post-secondary education and additional educational opportunities. Additionally, the SpecialOps Warrior Foundation provides immediate financial assistance to all Special Ops members who have been injured, wounded, or suffering from an illness.

Supporting this military charity organization means you directly impact educational opportunities for young people who have lost a beloved Special Ops warrior. This organization’s homepage provides some eye-opening statistics. Since 1980, 1,201 Special Ops warriors have lost their lives, 1,176 have been wounded, and 1,555 children have survived their fallen Special Ops guardian. 

In light of these tragedies, it’s amazing to see the following numbers in operation! The Special Operations Warrior Foundation is currently funding the education of 990 children of fallen Special Ops and Medal of Honor warriors, and this nonprofit has helped 443 college graduates receive diplomas.

Thank you, fellow patriots and patrons!

Thank you for caring about our mission, country, and brave warriors. Keep close to your heart all you are supporting, beyond our small business, when you engage with and purchase from Old Southern Brass.

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