Unique Patriotic Whiskey Glass Gift Set for First Responders

Unique Patriotic Whiskey Glass Gift Set for First Responders


Thank your first responders with a whiskey glass gift set from Old Southern Brass.

First responders are the heroes that arrive first at an emergency. They are the police officers, firefighters, nurses, paramedics, and other service members who put their lives at risk to save others. There are many holidays during which we can thank our first responders, like Peace Officers Memorial Day, National Nurses Week, or International Firefighters’ Day. (These all fall in May, by the way.) But know that any day is a beautiful day to celebrate the duties and bravery of first responders.

There are many special ways to thank our first responders. Extend your love and appreciation by offering them an act of service or kindness. Bake them warm cookies or a hot meal. Write them a sentimental letter. Send them a care package. Or throw them a party!

If you choose to do the latter, you’re visiting the right blog. Old Southern Brass is a big party advocate! Celebrate your first responders by giving them a good time! If you know a first responder who loves their country just as much as they love their whiskey, then head on over to our store to browse for the perfect whiskey glass gift set.

Old Southern Brass sells patriotic glassware specially made for first responders who protect American citizens. We specialize in nationalistic whiskey glasses and shot glasses that police officers and firefighters will appreciate. Check out our collection below.

Unique Whiskey Glass Gift Set for First Responders

The Thin Blue Line

Give the police officers who protect American citizens from danger a whiskey set that portrays the infamous thin blue line. This line represents the barrier between peace and chaos, and our police officers do their duty to keep all American citizens on the side of peace.

Whiskey glass gift sets that display the thin blue line include this decanter whiskey set that comes with a beautiful whiskey decanter and 4 matching whiskey rocks glasses. Other great gift options for police officers include our .308 bullet whiskey glass set and .308 bullet shot glass! A real copper .308 projectile is embedded into these glasses, proudly representing American citizens’ and police officers’ right to bear arms.

Finally, we have this police officer oath of honor whiskey glass to honor our police officer friends who have valiantly pledged to possess the courage to hold themselves and others accountable for their actions.

The Thin Red Line

The thin red line supports our firefighters and their courage to keep people safe amidst dangerous burning buildings and fire disasters. Give your special firefighter this whiskey glass set that displays the thin red line on the American flag. This glass is made with high-quality, hand-blown glass and holds 10 ounces of a firefighter’s favorite whiskey.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail

First responders need a decorative place to store their whiskey within their man cave or home bar. This Kentucky Bourbon Trail glass set contains a set of 5 whiskey glasses. With 1 glossy decanter and 4 matching glasses, you can find your way along the Bourbon Trail! Each Bourbon Trail glass displays the entire trail from Lexington to Louisville. If you’re looking for high-quality gifts for whiskey-loving first responders, this whiskey glass set was made for you!

Declaration of Independence

July 4, 1776 marked the day our country published the Declaration of Independence. It’s only fitting that Old Southern Brass makes a whiskey glass set that includes a Declaration of Independence glass or set of 5! Our Declaration of Independence glass set comes with a whiskey decanter and 4 glasses that display 360 degree wrapped engraving of text that came right out of our Declaration of Independence in 1776. Give your first responders this special gift to store and pour their favorite whiskey while celebrating the constitutional rights that allow them to protect their country.

Also in our Declaration of Independence glass collection is our whiskey rocks glass that comes by itself. If you don’t need an entire set, just buy one or two of these glasses!

We the People 

First responders know what it’s like to stand on the front lines, risking their lives for others. No one is prouder of what they do for their country than our first responders, military members, and families of these brave citizens. United we all stand because of these men and women. 

Check out our We the People American flag decanter whiskey set or the separate whiskey rocks glass for the first responders and military veterans who want to be more than an individual and are proud to be a valuable part of a team.

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