Veterans Holiday Gift Hand Blown Whiskey Glass

Veterans Holiday Gift Hand Blown Whiskey Glass

Celebrate your American military veterans during the holidays! From Christmas to Veteran’s Day to Military Spouse Appreciation Day, our service members and their families are celebrated and appreciated throughout the year. When the time comes to extend our thanks and send gifts to our brave service members, you need to know the best gifts for veterans. Our glassware is a great gift for our whiskey-drinking military vets!

At Old Southern Brass, we make distinctive glassware for our heroic first responders and military veterans. Alongside giving back to veterans by donating to the Wounded Warrior Project, we make personalized gifts and glassware that American patriots love. Within our glassware collection is our bullet drinking glass selection. In this article, we lay out some of the best hand blown glass sets for patriotic folks who have put their lives at risk for our country.

Don’t forget which days to celebrate your military members! Here’s a national service member holiday calendar you can add to your personal calendar. This 2022 military and freedom calendar will help you celebrate your loved ones who have served our country. Now, here are some of Old Southern Brass’s best whiskey glass gifts for veterans!

Why a Hand-Blown Whiskey Glass is Among the Best Gifts for Veterans

When scouring the internet for the best gifts for veterans, you can’t go wrong with Old Southern Brass’s patriotic glassware. Here are some of the top reasons military veterans will love our distinct whiskey glasses.  

Hand Blown Glass

Crafted with hand blown glass, our bullet drinking glass and whiskey glass selections are made with durability in mind. The thick-walled glass is reliable and not easy to crack!

Supports the 2nd Amendment

Make a statement for your right to use weapons with a bullet drinking glass or a bullet shot glass. Many military vets value their freedom to bear arms and protect themselves and American citizens. A great way to put that pride on display is to sip whiskey from a bullet-embedded whiskey glass.

Personalized for Military Vets

In addition to the 2nd amendment, our glasses are personalized with designs made for military veterans, American patriots, and first responders. From the thin blue line for police officers to the thin red line for firefighters, you can count on our glasses to hold a design for every proud American citizen. 

Donations for the Wounded Warrior Project

With every purchase, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. This organization supports veterans who have been wounded mentally or physically while serving in the military. We also participate in community events and donate to any cause who knocks at our door for assistance in their communities. 

Hand Blown Whiskey Glass Gifts for Veterans

Check out our different types of whiskey glasses below!

Patriotic Whiskey Glass

Our 12-ounce hand blown whiskey glass comes engraved with unique designs. Take a look at our Constitution of the United States whiskey glass or our Declaration of Independence glass, two of our glasses that support our constitutional rights as Americans.

We also carry 10-ounce whiskey rocks glasses that boast our American freedoms. Check out our We the People whiskey rocks glass and our 2nd amendment whiskey glass for an idea of some of our patriotic designs.

.308 Bullet Drinking Glass

Make a bolder statement by drinking whiskey from a bullet shot glass or bullet whiskey glass. These whiskey glasses are embedded with a .308 copper projectile. Check out unique designs like our 2nd Amendment whiskey rocks glass and our 2nd Amendment Original Homeland Security glass. Go for a simpler, classier look with our clear .308 bullet drinking glass.

Whiskey Bullet Shot Glass Set

Don’t miss out on our bullet shot glasses for the shot takers! We have a special .308 bullet drinking glass set that comes with 2 bullet shot glasses and 2 bullet whiskey glasses made especially for 2nd amendment supporters who bleed red, white, and blue.

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