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Spice Up Your Holidays with Whiskey and Shot Glasses

Spice Up Your Holidays with Whiskey and Shot Glasses


There’s no better way to celebrate the holidays, especially the patriotic holidays, than with a strong shot of whiskey! Celebrate with patriotic glassware and unique shot glasses this holiday season!

Why whiskey?

The rich history of American whiskey is enough to make anyone appreciate its fine taste. Whiskey was first brewed as a rye-based product in the eastern United States in 1791. During the “Whiskey Rebellion,” Irish pioneers who settled in Tennessee and Kentucky were the first to brew American whiskey. In these hilly states, the raw materials and resources used to make whiskey, like corn, were abundant. 

Pioneers had no trouble making whiskey back in the 1700s, and you have no trouble drinking this fine drink. Whiskey is the drink of choice for many Americans! Whiskey lovers, check out our unique selection of patriotic glassware for your favorite drink!

12 Gauge Shot Glasses

We have a large selection of 12 gauge shot glasses within our patriotic glassware collection. From the traditional red shotgun shell to tuxedo-themed shells to the thin blue line, our shot glasses are perfect for all types of manly occasions.

And yes, we’re talking actual 12 gauge shells. True man cave vibes. 

Simply fill up the empty shell with up to 2 ounces of whiskey or your drink of choice! There’s no better way to celebrate your right to bear arms than by taking a shot of whiskey right out of a shotgun shell.

Spice up your man cave with a set of these unique shot glasses made from high-quality polyethylene. A set of 4 of these is the perfect gift for men for Father’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, and bachelor parties.

12 Gauge Shot Glasses Set of 4

Add this collection of traditional red 12 gauge shot glasses to your man cave. Relax in your armchair underneath your wall of deer mounts. Cheers to taxidermy and the 2nd amendment!

Take shots at your bachelor party with these groomsmen tuxedo shot glasses. Pour it back for a night you’re not going to remember!

Check out these 2nd amendment 12 gauge shot glasses and American flag gun shots for the proud bearer of arms.

Gift these Thin blue line shot glasses to your local police officers. Support your police!

These American flag skull shot glasses are perfect for a night out with the boys. Start a new biker gang tradition. Bring your own shot glasses as you bar hop. Why not?

A toast to the lord. We have Psalm 144:1 shots for the God-fearing man. 

Proud patriots and veterans would appreciate these We the People shot glasses. Support your veterans and give them the gift of good drinks in patriotic glasses.

Whiskey Rocks Glass

During the winter holidays, you can’t go wrong with a hotty toddy. Get cozy with a soothing drink of whiskey, lemon, honey, and cinnamon. A spicy hotty toddy will warm you right up!

To spice up your drink even more, pour it into festive patriotic glassware. Our selection of 10-ounce old-fashioned whiskey glasses is just as patriotic as our shot glass selection. Our whiskey glasses are made with durability in mind. Impress your friends by pouring Jack Daniels into a unique patriotic whiskey glass.

Whiskey Rocks Bourbon Glass

Purchase this American flag whiskey rocks glass for your American patriot. God Bless America!

Gift your local police officer with this thin blue line American flag whiskey glass or a whiskey glass with a real .308 bullet embedded into the side. This unique drink is made with high-quality hand-blown glass, and the bullet is an authentic solid copper projectile.

Celebrate the 2nd amendment with a .308 bullet whiskey rocks glass or one that boasts original homeland security. The right to keep and bear arms is this country’s original homeland security!

Oh, and there’s a bonus!

With every purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes to the Wounded Warrior Project, a charity that offers programs, services, and events for wounded veterans of the military actions following September 11, 2001.

Raise your whiskey glass in a toast to our veterans. Cheers!

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