This Summer, Change Boring Drinkware into Patriotic Glassware

This Summer, Change Boring Drinkware into Patriotic Glassware


When summertime is on its way, Americans everywhere are waking up from a cold, deep winter slumber. As plants grow greener and blossoms bud on trees, nature is trying to tell you that it’s time to party! This summer, gather around with a group of friends, and old-fashioned whiskey poured into lively, patriotic glassware.

Many spring and summer American holidays are drinking holidays. Even the end of winter wraps up with Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day; two holidays that prepare you for a warm spring and summer of patriotism and partying. Then, Memorial Day honors those who died while serving this free country with a red, white, and blue party weekend. Pools open and families head to the lake!

Energetic Fourth of July lands smack dab in the middle of summer, warming everyone’s nights with fireworks and shots. Then, Labor Day weekend wraps up the warm season with a day off work in honor of our hard-working American citizens. What a season!

Old Southern Brass is ready to party with you this summer. Fill our patriotic glassware with a hoppy IPA or an old fashioned whiskey drink. We have glassware for American patriots, military members, veterans, first responders, and gun enthusiasts who love to party on bright, sunny days and into barefoot, blue jean nights.

Upgrade your drinkware this summer so you can throw the best parties and be the best partier! Provide a one-of-a-kind bullet drinking glass set for your guests along with classic American holiday entertainment. Here are some of our suggestions for unique, energizing patriotic glassware you’ll love this summer.

Patriotic Glassware for Summer Parties

50 Caliber Brass Bullet Shot Glass

Shiny and golden like summer sunshine, our 50 cal brass shot glass comes in a set of two for you and your buddy. These brass shot glasses are modeled after real 50 caliber casings and are handcrafted from high-quality ceramic. These classy golden shots are a flashy, fun way to support your right to bear arms. Take vodka shots before a summer rock concert or measure your tequila for the perfect tequila sunrise during an evening by the pool!

Yellowstone Whiskey Rocks Glass

Summer is the most popular time to visit America’s beautiful National Parks. Are you a big fan of Yellowstone, located in the stunning, expansive, and remote states of Wyoming and Montana? (Or maybe you're a fan of the show, whichever you prefer.) If so, or if you’re headed to Yellowstone National Park this year, then you’ll want to check out our Yellowstone whiskey rocks glass in our patriotic glassware collection. With Yellowstone’s Dutton Ranch displayed on the side of the glass, know that this ranch is the largest in our country. Located in Paradise Valley of Park County, Montana, Dutton Ranch is a beautiful, historic place to visit and share a glass of old-fashioned whiskey. It’ll cost you a pretty penny to stay there, though!

Second Amendment Whiskey Glass 

This Fourth of July, celebrate your constitutional rights and American freedom with a bullet whiskey glass that proudly displays the second amendment. This 2A bullet drinking glass is perfect for the whiskey lover who has a full gun cabinet at home. Read the second amendment loud and proud as you drain your glass of your favorite bourbon. 

Old Fashioned Whiskey Gift Set

Party it up this summer with a whiskey glass gift set that comes with 2 whiskey rocks glasses and a bullet shot glass for each hand. Each glass is embedded with an authentic .308 copper bullet, displaying your patriotism handsomely. Now all you need to do is get crafty making the perfect old fashioned whiskey drink!

Bullet Pint Glass

After an evening mowing the grass or working hard in the summer heat, there’s nothing quite like a cold, refreshing glass of beer. Check out our bullet pint glass and our bullet beer mug for two unique refreshment glasses that support the second amendment. Each glass is embedded with an authentic 50 caliber bullet. Cheers to our right to bear arms! *Clink*

12 Gauge Shot Glass Set

Take shots of your go-to spirit on late summer nights with this 12 gauge shot glass set of 4. You and your buddies can drink straight from shots that are modeled after real 12 gauge shotgun shells! How’s that for a patriotic statement in the summertime?

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