Which Type of Bullet Bottle Opener is Right for You?

Which Type of Bullet Bottle Opener is Right for You?


Wine connoisseurs and beer lovers alike, you deserve a bullet bottle opener personalized just for you! The perfect style of bottle opener exists out there for everyone. Today we’re exploring the best beer and wine bullet bottle openers for every type of person! 

We know the object of the game is the same for everyone: uncork the wine bottle and sip on smooth, oaky Chardonnay or pop the cap off a refreshing, fruity IPA. But opening that bottle in just the right way can make your drink taste even better. You don’t want to waste time struggling to open your bottle just so you can spill your glass or have to cope with the struggle by inhaling your drink. You want a smooth transition, a satisfying “pop” of the cork or cap, and a gentle pour of your favorite drink into your glass.

Whether you’re always on the go, a minimalist, or into high-tech bottle openers, there are great bullet wine opener and bottle opener options for everyone! Check out our suggestions for the best bullet bottle and the best wine openers!

The Best Type of Bullet Bottle Opener for YOU!

For Beer Lovers Who Collect Keychains

.308 Real Bullet Keychain Bottle Opener

Keychain collectors, add this handy .308 bullet keychain bottle opener to your key ring. This shiny golden accessory looks classy and serves an important purpose. This bottle opener ring is made to last so you can continue cracking tops of bottles far into the future. 

This keychain bullet bottle opener is made from a real .308 casing. No bullet keychain is the same, as each casing has been fired and shows small signs of use. With your purchase of this bottle opener ring, you’ll also give back to the Wounded Warrior Project, as a portion of the proceeds is donated to this incredible organization.

For Beer Lovers Who Support the 2nd Amendment

2nd Amendment 50 BMG Keychain Bottle Opener

Another convenient option you can keep right on your keyring is our 2nd Amendment 50 BMG keychain bottle opener. Modeled and sized exactly like a real 50 caliber projectile, this keychain is small, handy, and convenient. It’s about the size of a key and is kept near you at all times. You’ll always be ready to pop caps off of beer bottles!

Accessorizing with this unique keychain means you’ll be showcasing your American freedom, as the 2nd amendment is engraved on the bottle opener. There’s no better way to display your patriotism than by making a bullet-sized statement. 

For Beer Lovers Who Shoot Rifles

50 Caliber BMG Brass Bottle Opener

Rifle enthusiasts, here is the perfect simple bottle opener for you. Our 50 caliber brass bottle opener comes in its own special rifle case in colors of black, olive drab, or desert tan. The rifle case looks and functions exactly like a real rifle case, with two working clasps and a hinged handle for fastening securely.

This high-quality and authentic 50 cal bullet bottle opener is professionally polished for a shiny display. Show your pride for your country by popping open bottles with this unique brass bottle opener.

For Beer Lovers Who are in a Wedding Party

Personalized 50 Caliber BMG Brass Bottle Opener in a Rifle Case

For a personal touch, check out our personalized 50 cal bullet bottle opener. This bottle opener is handcrafted from an authentic 50 caliber casing. Personalized just for you, you can enter the text that will appear engraved along the side of the bottle opener.

You can also choose from pre-written titles specially made for wedding parties! We have shiny brass bottle openers for groomsmen, the best man, the father of the bride, and the father of the groom. These make for awesome groomsmen gifts that can be used to crack open bottles on your wedding day!

For Wine Lover Gun Enthusiasts

12 Gauge Bottle Opener Corkscrew

Last, but not least, we have a special bullet bottle opener suggestion for wine connoisseurs! Uncork your wine bottles with this 12 gauge bottle opener corkscrew. Use a traditional red 12 gauge shell to open your wine bottle in style while also proudly supporting the 2nd amendment. This is one of the best wine openers for those looking for a unique style and easy uncorking.

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