Why Old Southern Brass' Patriotic Whiskey Glasses are Perfect for Proud Americans

Why Old Southern Brass' Patriotic Whiskey Glasses are Perfect for Proud Americans


American whiskey drinkers are proud of two essential things: their country and their whiskey. Old Southern Brass is a company that supports both American pride and whiskey drinkin’! At the OSB store, you’ll find the perfect combination of high-quality patriotic whiskey glasses and everlasting support of our beautiful country.

Old Southern Brass’ patriotic whiskey glasses might be the perfect gift for the American patriot. We sell the best drinking glasses for whiskey lovers who appreciate their right to bear arms, who love to support their veterans and first responders, and who enjoy high-quality patriotic collector’s items. Check out the top 5 reasons why Old Southern Brass’ American whiskey glasses are the best.

Why Old Southern Brass’s Glassware is Perfect for Proud Americans

Support The Thin Blue Line

Old Southern Brass supports the thin blue line, and you will too with the purchase of our patriotic glassware. When it comes to whiskey, OSB doesn’t fall short on thin blue line glassware options. We’ll start with our selection of .308 bullet whiskey glasses and shots. Take shots out of our .308 bullet whiskey shot glass or slowly sip an Old Fashioned out of our .308 bullet whiskey glasses that display a skull or an American flag.

Not interested in the bullet-embedded glasses? No worries; we have options for bulletless glassware, too. The thin blue line is also proudly displayed on our 10-ounce thin blue line whiskey rocks glass.

You can also check out our 5-piece American flag decanter whiskey set that comes with one decanter and 4 of the best drinking glasses for whiskey. All decked out in the thin blue line American flag, you’ll be supporting your police as you clink your glasses.

Proudly Display the 2nd Amendment 

Support the second amendment with the purchase of any of our bullet glassware or patriotic whiskey glasses proudly sharing 2nd amendment quotes. Some of Old Southern Brass’ best whiskey glass sets are the ones that support the 2nd amendment because these align with our company’s mission to give back to veterans that served our country.

Our 2nd Amendment American whiskey glasses come with a real .308 copper projectile embedded in the side. There’s no better way for proud Americans to share their pride than by saluting with our bullet-embedded whiskey glasses. We also stock 2nd amendment 12 gauge shot glasses for the whiskey shot takers.

Give Back to the Wounded Warrior Project

With every purchase at Old Southern Brass, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. This organization supports veterans with physical injuries, PTSD, and other mental illnesses obtained while serving in the military on or after September 11, 2001. You can feel good about your purchase of our patriotic whiskey glasses, as you’re also giving back to your community. 

Be a Dedicated American Patriot

The best whiskey glasses around are the ones that make you feel proud to be an American. Our American whiskey glasses make you a dedicated American patriot because most of our glassware makes a proud American statement. Some of these statements include Don’t Tread on Me, Original Homeland Security, and Right to Bear Arms. Plus, our company supports and gives back to veterans and first responders who serve our country.

High-Quality Glass

We have some of the best whiskey glass sets for American patriots, as they proudly display the thin blue line and 2nd amendment decals on the side of the glass. All of our whiskey glasses were made with high-quality hand-blown glass. Check out our whiskey glass sets here and you’ll find the best drinking glasses for whiskey-loving Americans! Show your patriotism for your country by heading to our store today.

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