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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Bullet Shot Glasses and Bullet Whiskey Glasses


Bullet Whiskey Shot Glasses & Bullet Whiskey Rocks Glasses

The Ultimate Guide

Whiskey drinkers, congratulations on your supreme taste in alcoholic beverages. From Whiskey Sours to the Manhattan, whiskey cocktails are enjoyed by many! These popular drinks have been around for ages. The earliest American whiskey drink was enjoyed all the way back in 1791 before there was a tax on alcohol. Call me Old Fashioned, but if I’d been around in the 1790s, I’d have been an active protester during the Whiskey Rebellion, too. 

Crafty bartenders and casual drinkers alike can mix up a few delicious whiskey cocktails by tossing ingredients into a whiskey rocks glass. One pretty bullet whiskey glass is all you need for a pleasant presentation of your drink. The question is: which glass is right for you? Here is the ultimate guide for deciding which type of classy, vintage bullet whiskey glass suits your needs. 

Whiskey Rocks Glass vs. Whiskey Shot Glass


Whiskey Rocks Glass

Popular drinks to pour in a whiskey rocks glass include whiskey cocktails like the Old Fashioned and the Manhattan, whiskey neat, or whiskey on the rocks. Whiskey neat is simply straight-up whiskey, with nothing else added, while whiskey on the rocks is whiskey with ice. If you enjoy sipping your drinks slowly so you can savor the taste and experience, a whiskey rocks glass is for you. 


Whiskey Shot Glass

On the other hand, a whiskey shot glass is for the whiskey drinkers who want to throw it back quickly. Whiskey shot glasses are commonly used in busy bars or at parties where the partygoers are looking for a quick hit of feel-good whiskey.

What makes a bullet shot glass or bullet whiskey glass so special?

Bullet whiskey glasses and bullet whiskey shot glasses are extra special because they’re shaped like a bullet or they contain a bullet embedded in the glass. These unique glasses from Old Southern Brass support the second amendment, first responders, veterans, and the Wounded Warrior Project, as a portion of the proceeds is donated to this incredible organization. Gun enthusiasts and American patriots appreciate our hand-blown glass bullet whiskey vessels the most!


Old Southern Brass’s Whiskey Shot Glasses

Here’s the low down on Old Southern Brass’s patriotic glassware for whiskey shot takers. Our bullet shot glasses are the perfect gift for special occasions like Father’s Day, a bachelor party, or Veteran’s Day. They're also a very special and thoughtful addition to the American patriot’s bar or liquor cabinet. Check out our whiskey shot glass selection below and more details about our whiskey shot glass selection here.

12 Gauge Shot Glasses

Our 2-ounce 12 gauge shot glasses come in traditional red and in patriotic themes that support the 2nd amendment, the thin blue line, Psalm 144:1, and more. These bullet whiskey shot glass sets are the perfect addition to your man cave!

50 Caliber Brass Shot Glasses

These golden beauties are modeled after 50 caliber casings and are the classiest brass set of 2 you’ll own. Made from high-quality ceramic, these 2-ounce pours are appropriate for any occasion - from fancy holidays to a high-energy party.

.308 Bullet Copper Shot Glass

Created with hand blown glass, our copper bullet-embedded shot glasses contain a real copper projectile. Browse through our unique selection of skulls, flags, and 2nd amendment quotes

Old Southern Brass’s Whiskey Rocks Glasses

Our whiskey rocks glass collection is perfect for the Old Fashioned-obsessed, American-loving person! The perfect bullet whiskey glass awaits you.

.308 Bullet Whiskey Glass

This whiskey glass is embedded with a real copper projectile. They come with proudly displayed patriotic quotes, like Don’t Tread on Me, 2nd Amendment Original Homeland Security, and The Right to Bear Arms 2nd Amendment. Support your country by making a statement with your whiskey glass!

Patriotic Whiskey Rocks Glass

While these whiskey rocks glasses aren’t embedded with or shaped like a bullet, they’re still supporters of gun enthusiasts, first responders, veterans, and the Wounded Warrior Project. Check out these unique glasses for deer hunters, proud Texans, firefighters, police officers, and more!

Old Southern Brass’s Whiskey Glass Set

Grab a nice whiskey shot and whiskey rocks glass set for the whiskey lover who does not discriminate against any whiskey drinks! If you’ll both down a shot and sip on a whiskey cocktail, don’t cut yourself short. Prep your bar with a whiskey glass set that allows you to taste a wide selection of whiskey drinks.

Bullet Whiskey Glass Gift Set

This whiskey glass gift set comes with 2 shot glasses and 2 whiskey glasses, all embedded with a real copper bullet. This whiskey shot and whiskey rocks glass set is perfect for the experienced whiskey drinker who will take their whiskey neat or with some added flavor in a cocktail.

Now, go stock up on the perfect whiskey glasses for you!

Save water, drink whiskey.

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